Quest - What Should a Fool Do? Quest - A Maiden's Wavering Heart Quest - A Soldier's Secret Problem Quest - Precious Morning Quest - Rat-Killing Spree! Quest - Lost Farm Pigs Quest - Puppy on the Roof Quest - Retrieve Runaway Pigs Quest - Adorable Thief Quest - No More Dogs Quest - Lovers' Secret Quest - What Are They Talking About? Quest - Threatening and Frantic Kuku Bird! Quest - Plucking Flowers... Where? Quest - Calling the Farm for Help Quest - Thick, Light Soup Quest - A Lavish Meat Dish Quest - Even Flax Fabric... Quest - Filthy Smell Quest - A Much-Needed Drop Quest - Troublemaking Lizard Quest - In Search of a Rich Vein Quest - Sweet Potato Farming Quest - [Alchemy] Accidental Alchemist Quest - Basic Alchemy Ingredients #1 Quest - Basic Alchemy Ingredients #2 Quest - Alchemy Catalyst, Clear Liquid Reagent Quest - Using a Catalyst for Resurrection Elixir Quest - Pure Powder Reagent, Another Catalyst Quest - Making an Elixir of Energy Quest - Finding Grace Lauren Quest - Swirling Power of Rage Quest - Hawk's Eye Seeking Prey Quest - Origin of Swirling Magic Power Quest - Steel-Strong Skin Quest - Alchemy, Variation #1 Quest - Alchemy, Variation #2 Quest - Charm of Alchemy Quest - Investigating the Watchtower Underground Quest - From a Friend, With Love Quest - No Credit! Quest - Have You Ever... Tamed a Horse? Quest - My Little First Pony Quest - My Little First Pony Quest - [Co-op] Exposing the Serendia Shrine Gang Quest - [Processing Advancement Lv10] Vype's Request Quest - [Processing Lv11] Helping Heidel Festival I Quest - [Processing Lv12] Helping Heidel Festival II Quest - [Processing Lv13] Helping Heidel Festival III Quest - [Processing Lv14] Helping Heidel Festival IV Quest - [Processing Advancement Lv15] Workshop Expansion Quest - [Processing Lv16] For Costa Farm I Quest - [Processing Lv17] For Costa Farm II Quest - [Processing Lv18] For Costa Farm III Quest - [Processing Lv19] For Costa Farm IV Quest - [Processing Advancement Lv20] The Lord's Special Quest Quest - [Processing Lv21] Helping with Captive Negotiation I Quest - [Processing Lv22] Helping with Captive Negotiation II Quest - [Processing Lv23] Helping with Captive Negotiation III Quest - [Processing Lv.24] Helping with Captive Negotiation IV Quest - [Processing Advancement Lv25] Supplying Water to Glish Quest - [Alchemy Advancement Lv10] Studious George Quest - [Alchemy Lv11] Brightening Potion Quest - [Alchemy Lv12] A Wonder Drug for Burns Quest - [Alchemy Lv13] How to Treat Poison Quest - [Alchemy Lv14] Stopping Bleeding Quicker Than a Bandage Quest - [Alchemy Advancement Lv15] Power That Boosts One's Spirit Quest - [Alchemy Lv16] Reflect! Reflect! Quest - [Alchemy Lv17] Killing Elixir Quest - [Alchemy Lv18] Give Energy to a Soldier... Quest - [Alchemy Lv19] Alustin's Spell Quest - [Alchemy Lv21] Fisher's Skill Quest - [Cooking Advancement Lv10] Beer for a Thirsty Worker Quest - [Cooking Lv11] Delicious Fish Quest - [Cooking Lv12] Savory Meat Quest - [Cooking Lv13] Balanced Meal Quest - [Cooking Lv14] Sweet Dessert Quest - [Cooking Advancement Lv15] Kuku Bird Instead of Chicken Quest - [Cooking Lv16] Fresh Stir-Fried Seafood Quest - [Cooking Lv17] I Want Meat Quest - [Cooking Lv18] Power to the Workers! Quest - [Cooking Lv19] Pickling to Preserve Quest - [Cooking Advancement Lv20] Exotic Herbal Wine Quest - [Cooking Lv21] Fundamentals for a Cook Quest - [Cooking Lv22] The Real Taste of Meat Quest - [Cooking Lv23] Stamina Food of the Sea Quest - [Cooking Lv24] Bird Meat and Liquor Quest - [Cooking Advancement Lv25] The Ultimate Ingredient I Quest - [Cooking Advancement Lv25] The Ultimate Ingredient II Quest - [Gathering Advancement Lv10] Lazy Worker Quest - [Gathering Lv11] Helping Heidel Workshop I Quest - [Gathering Lv12] Helping Heidel Workshop II Quest - [Gathering Lv13] Helping Heidel Workshop III Quest - [Gathering Lv14] Helping Heidel Workshop IV Quest - [Gathering Advancement Lv15] Gigantic Barn Quest - [Gathering Lv16] Dernyl Farm in Danger I Quest - [Gathering Lv17] Dernyl Farm in Danger II Quest - [Gathering Lv18] Dernyl Farm in Danger III Quest - [Gathering Lv19] Dernyl Farm in Danger IV Quest - [Gathering Advancement Lv20] Return of Lara Quest - [Gathering Lv21] A Terrible Workplace, the Extraction Mill I Quest - [Gathering Lv22] A Terrible Workplace, the Extraction Mill II Quest - [Gathering Lv23] A Terrible Workplace, the Extraction Mill III Quest - [Gathering Lv24] A Terrible Workplace, the Extraction Mill IV Quest - [Gathering Advancement Lv25] Weird Hobby Quest - [Fishing Lv. 10] Bartering Quest - [Fishing Lv. 15] I Feel Exhausted Lately Quest - [Fishing Lv. 20] I Love Hot & Spicy Food Quest - [Fishing Lv. 25] The Best Fish in Serendia Quest - [Farming Lv. 10] Onion Season Quest - [Farming Lv. 15] Moretti's Wheat Harvesting Quest - [Farming Lv. 20] Species Improvement for Medicinal Herbs Quest - [Farming Lv. 25] Crop Factory Quest - [Trading Lv. 12] Alchemist's Reagent Quest - [Trading Lv. 17] Food Delivery for the Southwest Gate Quest - [Trading Lv. 20] The Cupid of Olvia Quest - [Trading Lv. 25] A Deal with Calpheon Quest - Kanna's Story Quest - Small Potions to Medium Potions Quest - Safe Escape Quest - A Friend of Cruhorn Wyrmsbane's Quest - Mudster Specimen Quest - Lost Hand Mirror Quest - Conspiring Group Quest - What's Up With the Closed Stable? Quest - Dismal and Mysterious Man Quest - Apologetically Sorry Quest - Late King's Desire for Eternity Quest - Curse Runs in the Bartali House Quest - Selling Trade Goods to Moretti Farm Quest - Redeeming the Good Name of Xian Quest - Urgent Request from Calpheon Workshop Quest - Must-Haves for Calpheonian Madams Quest - Dreaming Little Girl Quest - Skin Care for Altinovan Nobles Quest - Parade of Research Quest - Kzarka's Latent Aura Quest - [Guild] Hard Pine Plywood Quest - [Guild] Pure Lead Ingot Quest - [Guild] Soft Fleece Quest - About trading in everyday life... Quest - Go to Moretti Farm and Sell Coins Quest - Wheat harvest using workers Quest - Meeting Preparation Quest - Strong Honey Trap Quest - Mischivous Fairy Quest - Lost Wings Quest - Strange Owner Quest - Operation Overturn the Wagon