Quest - Stay on alert against arrogance Quest - Don't Slack Off Quest - The Birthplace of Aal Quest - Well Prepared Quest - Paradise to quench the thirst Quest - Fisher in the middle of the desert Quest - Nothing's free in this world, queek! Quest - Reawakened remnant of the ancient civilization Quest - Those that threaten the pilgrims Quest - Rumbling Sand Dune Quest - Message to the Katan Army Quest - Pila Ku's Helper Quest - Among the madness and chaos Quest - Subdue to Unrest Quest - Power of Gold Quest - [Guild] Elastic Palm Plywood Quest - [Guild] Insulating Vanadium Ingot Quest - [Guild] Sweet Fig Quest - Can you lend a hand? Quest - Intriguing Story Quest - On a Lion Hide Quest - [Daily] Marod Alom's Trace Quest - Quest - Quest - Quest - Quest - Quest - A History of Valencia: The Annals of Cloran Quest - Danuman the Exiled Sage Quest - Danuman the Treacherous Sage Quest - Dusty Object Quest - Suspicious Soldier Quest - Danuman's Followers Quest - Danuman's Possessions Quest - A Sham Salamanto Quest - Into the Bandit's Lair Quest - Code of Gahaz Bandits Quest - Tuval's Law & Order - Plunder Quest - Tuval's Law & Order - Harm, Authority, Self-sufficiency Quest - Tuval's Law & Order - Respect #1 Quest - Tuval's Law & Order - Respect #2 Quest - Gahaz Tuval's Test Quest - Not a Part of This World Quest - Finding the Follower Quest - Followers Seeking the Truth Quest - Piece of the Golden Crown Quest - Perfect Crime Quest - Quick-witted Quest - The Truth About the Golden Crown Quest - Furious Desert Fogan Quest - Ancients' Memories - Memory Fragment Quest - An Eternal Flame Quest - Eternally Burning Flame Quest - Finding the Famous Shaman Quest - The Difference Between Truth and Salvation Quest - Helping Those in Distress Quest - A Childhood Wish Quest - Guidance toward Salvation Quest - What Benshaw Needs Quest - The Joy of Salvation Quest - Two Flames Quest - Origin of Fire I Quest - Origin of Fire II Quest - Origin of Fire III Quest - No Need For Force Quest - Special Seed Quest - In Search of an Oasis Quest - Clear Water from the Oasis Quest - The Bandit’s Habit Quest - Back to Pilgrim's Sanctum Quest - In Search of Thriving Land I Quest - In Search of Thriving Land II Quest - A New Life and Hope Quest - To Guwanbo Quest - A Name Recorded in the Annals Quest - Great Accomplishment Quest - Secret of the Flying Spear Quest - Secret Power of the Pep Music Quest - Evidence of Ohonsey? Quest - Checking on the Bashims Quest - [Daily] Hostile Tribe Quest - [Co-op] Punishment to Heretics: Destroying the Axe Quest - [Co-op] Punishment to Heretics: Breaking the Bow Quest - [Co-op] Punishment to Heretics: No Mercy Quest - [Co-op] Kill Their Last Hope! Quest - [Co-op] Till the Last Grain of Wheat... Quest - [Co-op] Demibeast Monsters Quest - [Daily] Redeeming Our Land Quest - Do You See That? Right There! Quest - Long! Sticky! Stinky! Quest - We've Got a Way Out of Here! Quest - Don't Just Leave! Quest - The Waragon Boss is Here! Quest - [Co-op] That Glittering Stuff Quest - [Co-op] The Hidden Antidote Quest - [Co-op] Don't Forget the Tiny Ones, Too! Quest - [Co-op] No Hope, Only Revenge Quest - [Co-op] Peace to My Friends... Quest - [Daily] Unsubdued Grudge Quest - Reporting the Situation in Pila Fe Quest - [Co-op] Collecting Evidences of the Raid on the Merchant Guild Quest - Rescue the Captive Quest - Destroying the Cadry Summoning Stone Quest - Collecting the Prize Money Quest - [Daily] You Wanna Tango? Quest - The Uncouth Ones Preying On the Camp Quest - First Target, Rifleman Quest - Second Target, Assassin Quest - Third Target, Plunderer Quest - Last Target, Elite Quest - Bandits Out! Quest - May God Be With You, My Dear Friend... Quest - [Daily] Subduing the Force Quest - What the Argoses Are Really Thinking Quest - Learning with Your Body Quest - Ominous Energy from Obsidian Quest - Evidence of Sacrifice at the Altar Quest - Shaking Up the Argoses Quest - [Daily] Fuming Frenzy Quest - Enemy! Desert Naga! Quest - Nightmare Axe That Slayed Countless Fogans Quest - Naga Combat Priest's Staff Quest - Naga Vice Captain's Horn Helmet Quest - Naga Extermination Quest - [Daily] Disruption Quest - Enemy! Desert Fogan! Quest - Nightmare Spear That Impaled Countless Nagas Quest - Hunting Dog, Fogan Hoppity Quest - Desert Fogan Seer's Ball Quest - Desert Fogan's Food Loot Quest - Fogan Extermination Quest - [Daily] Deep Grudge Quest - Aal! Please Let Our Pilgrimage Be Safe... Quest - Wacky Totem Quest - [Daily] Manure Delivery Quest - [Daily] Delivering the Miscellany from the Oasis Quest - [Daily] Deliver Camel Feed Quest - [Daily] Box Full of Water Bottles Quest - [Daily] Sack of Figs Quest - [Daily] Materials for Wagon Repair Quest - [Daily] Mediahn Coal Cart Quest - Defeat Pride of Lions Quest - Is That Root on the Camel's Head? Quest - Carpet in the Water Quest - [Daily] Balm Cart Drive Quest - [Daily] Weapon Bundle Delivery Quest - [Daily] Requesting a Repair for Broken Items Quest - Light Illuminating the Bazaar Quest - Trace of Ati Danas