Dwarf Bandit Warrior Dwarf Bandit Archer Dwarf Bandit Elite Warrior Siege Lizard Demibeast Bandit Warrior Demibeast Bandit Archer Demibeast Bandit Elite Warrior Ostracized Worker Contaminated Imp Captain Mountain Stoneback Crab Saunil Warrior Saunil Elite Soldier Saunil Armored Warrior Saunil Fighter Lizardman Herd Giant Hunter Herd of Raiding Imps Mountain Goat Mountain Goat Young Mountain Goat Fogan Herd Naga Herd Group of Stragglers Red Orc Party Bandit Party Group Calpheon Shrine Warrior Calpheon Shrine Wizard Calpheon Shrine Priestess Calpheon Shrine Elite Warrior Calpheon Shrine Elite Wizard Calpheon Elite Shadow Knight Calpheon Elite Shadow Priestess Tough Tree Spirit Lazy Tree Spirit Kuku Hatchling Cultist Elite Cultist Elite Knight Cultist Elite Wizard Golem Spider Straggler Straggler Warrior Straggler Archer Straggler Wizard Mudster Calpheon Worm Diseased Cow Swamp Naga Swamp Naga Apprentice Spearman Swamp Naga Apprentice Axeman Swamp Naga Axeman Swamp Naga Commander Serendia Shrine Priestess Dwarf Miner Young Kuku Bird Mediah Young Mountain Goat Young Stone Rat Young Stonescale Devourer Young Sloth Red Orc Red Orc Warrior Red Orc Wizard Red Orc Elite Soldier Red Orc Fighter Red Orc Berserker Scary Salamander Conch-Parasitic Bee Long Red Orc Fogan Hatchling Big Swamp Fogan Small Swamp Fogan Tiny Bee Personal Guard Personal Escort Rhutum Soldier Rhutum Fighter Rhutum Elite Brawler Rhutum Wizard Rhutum Archer Young Glutoni Big Glutoni Cave Flytrap Worm Bat Cultist Giant Warrior Grassback Crab Rainbow Lizard Premature Pumpkin Ghost Wandering Scarecrow Ghost Wandering Wheat Field Lookout Mole Worm Blue Lizard Conch-Parasitic Bee Thief Imp Brown Raccoon Khuruto Elite Soldier Khuruto Soldier Young Khuruto Khuruto Fighter Khuruto Shaman Red Goblin 6 Red Goblin 7 Bandit Warrior Bandit Archer Biraghi Dwarf Bandit Warrior Dwarf Bandit Archer Dwarf Bandit Elite Warrior Demibeast Demibeast Archer Demibeast Wizard Skeleton Skeleton Archer Skeleton Warrior Skeleton Wolf Hyena Wolf Graveyard Witmirth Catfishman Catfishman Fisher Catfishman Light-Armored Warrior Catfishman Spearman Catfishman Elite Light-Armored Warrior Catfishman Elite Fisher Otter Fisher Elk Young Elk Female Elk Harpy Old Tree Treant Troll Troll Warrior Treant Treant 1 Horn Chimera Witch Witmirth Primitive Orc Primitive Orc Warrior Primitive Orc Wizard Primitive Orc Archer Mountain Goat Sheep Lamb Shepherd Sheep Dog Firewood Orc Roaming Black Spirit Adventurer Possessed by Black Spirit Archer Possessed by Black Spirit Skeleton Warrior Possessed by Black Spirit Ruins Guard Possessed by Black Spirit