Sausan Golden Wagon Sausan Supply Chest Ambushing Stone Spider Petrified Laborer Sculpture Remnants of Kzarka Treasure Chamber of One-Eyed Giant Treant Crystal Tree Cave Stalactite Crude Watchtower Mane Tunnel Mane Grave Blinding Stone Grave Golem Summoning Stone Helm Tribe Mineral Wagon Stone Hole Spider House Stone Hole Spider Den Hand of Kzarka Rotten Swamp Rotten Sand Tower Mediah Stoneback Crab Egg Tacky Wood Doll Grudged Sword Ancient Ruins Guard Tower Cox Prison Guard Tower of Earth Centaurus Treasure Chest Desert Fogan Sculpture Desert Fogan Statue Desert Fogan Food Depot Argos Sand Tower Argos Obsidian Altar Argos Obsidian Energy Argos Artifact Repository Valencia Lizardman Column Sandstorm Watchtower Sandstorm Beartrap Desert Trap Sandstorm Large Watchtower Sandstorm Barracks Bandit's Treasure Chest Stone Waragon Egg Ancient Man Dungeon Guard Tower Hystria Guard Tower Hystria Watchtower Caphras's Torture Device Jail Alarm Device Jail miscellaneous Articles Aakman Illusion Statue Aakman Illusion Trap Lava Phlogiston Condenser Lava Hydraulic Nozzle Lava Sulfur Bundle Jail Trap Cox Red Barracks Cox Black Barracks Rosa-scented Brazier Strong Scented Hearth Redfoot's Treasure Chest Jack's Treasure Chest Cox Victory Flag Cox Death Flag Pirate Cho's Jail Pirate Mel's Jail Cox Watchman's Amulet Cox Combatant's Amulet Cox Pirate's Jewel Manshaum Charm Manshaum Totem Manshaum Hut Mirumok Lookout Mirumok Watcher Treant Ghost Tree Treant Old Tree Beehive Stone Hole Spider Den Twinkle-in-the-Dark Mushroom Cotton Bubble Mushroom Trumpet Bell Poison Mushroom Fadus Double Barrack Loopy Tree Forest 2 Fadus Supply Barrack Gyfin Rhasia Tower of Carnage Gyfin Rhasia Tower of Transfusion Gyfin Rhasia Temple 3 White Tree Thorn Vine White Tree Lake 2 Ron’s Mirror Sausan Golden Wagon Sausan Supply Chest Wandering Rogue Obsidian Altar Pile of Fish Rebel Supply Rebel Barricade Prison Damaged Handcart Altar Imp Prison Test Object 7 Red Orc Barricade Imp Pigpen Giant Sculpture Stable Stable_1 Khuruto Prison Rhutum Barricade Khuruto Sacrifice Troll Barricade Test Object 16 Serendia Shrine Victim Waragon Egg Ancient Ruins Stone Gate Captive Prison Harpy Abductor Collapsed Rocks Troll Siege Soldier Box Arrow Old Memorial Stone Old Coffin Ballista Cron Castle Supply Cron Castle Barricade Keplan Mine Black Column Keplan Mine Black Geyser Keplan Mine Black Column Mediu Keplan Mine Black Column Small Rhutum Broken Cannon Red Orc Prison Pot Pot Pot Plate Oak Barrel Oak Barrel Censer