Forest Ronaros Marksman Arched Hummingbird Greenstone Bull Belomimus Crystal Aligator Fadus Warrior Fadus Shaman Fadus Archer Fadus Dual Wielder Fadus Challenger Fadus Double Barrack Fadus Supply Barrack Red Skirt Poison Mushroom Cloudy Rain Mushroom Shadow Poison Mushroom Musk Pocket Mushroom Snowflake Poison Mushroom Cotton Bubble Mushroom Trumpet Bell Poison Mushroom Twinkle-in-the-Dark Mushroom Thief Imp Philum Gyfin Rhasia Guard Gyfin Rhasia Decimator Gyfin Rhasia Flamen Gyfin Rhasia Crusher White Wood Thorn Vine Ron’s Mirror Gyfin Rhasia Tower of Carnage Gyfin Rhasia Tower of Transfusion Gyfin Rhasia Statue of Earth Fadus Blue Barrier Fadus Weapon Ornament Fadus Blue Box Fadus Blue Pride Ronin Urugon Immature Griffon Immature Black Leopard Immature King Griffon Blood Wolf Executioner Blood Wolf Chaser Blood Wolf Warden Blood Wolf Worker Blood Wolf Frenzied Blood Wolf Garmoth of Enchantment Statue Blood Wolf Cage Garmoth of Fury Statue Garud Lateh Belcadas Nybrica Federik Tree Hermit Leaf Keeper Murky Swamp Caller Leaf Spider Grove Keeper Vine Keeper Swamp Imp Bronk Tree Ghost Spider Llama Exploding Stone Yak Rockskin Boar Rockroot Armadillo Mamott Rock Scorpion Stone Cobra Sharp Stoneback Crab Drieghan Male Goat Tough Khalk Agile Khalk Drieghan Female Goat Guanaco Venomous Swamp Nest Bronk Food Depot Bronk’s Hut Reanimated Ancient Puturum Gray Highland Wolf Leebur Kashvariak Kagtum Lookout Kagtum Raider Highland Stoneback Crab Spiked Rock Lizard. Horned Rock Lizard Garmoth Thou Shalt Obey Aal Fast and Pray Thou Shalt Abstain, Not Desire Share with Thy Neighbor Thou Shalt Not Be Corrupt Thou Shalt Always Be Humble Thou Shalt Not Be Slothful Pilgrimage Preparation Aal’s Birthplace Combat and Items I Combat and Items II Combat and Items III Combat and Items IV Combat and Items V Combat and Items VI Unsolved Secret Power That Moved the Ancient Civilization Forward Calpheon and Kamasylvia I Calpheon and Kamasylvia II Calpheon and Kamasylvia III Uninvited Guests From Drieghan Lemoria Guards Atanis Melody Ahib Border Divided Descendants of Sylvia Manshaum Hunting Narc Mythology and Manshaum Brand of Ahib Funeral Customs of the Manshaums Have you seen my Ferrica? Human Greed Understanding Nature Presence of a Spirit Kamasylve Legend The Blocked Duzak Tunnel Kamasylvia, Enmity and Conflict Kamasylvia Analects The Role of a Musical Spirit Fadus Witnessed by Sylvia Enemy on Arid Land Courage of Navarn Steppe Milden’s Hunting Journal - Ferrica and Ferrina Milden’s Hunting Journal - Belladonna Elephant Milden’s Hunting Journal - Feather Wolf Milden's Hunting Journal - Black Leopard Milden’s Hunting Journal - Griffon Malofinus I Forest: Guard Tower of Nature Forest: Guard Tower of Water Forest: Guard Tower of Wind Fadus Ascetic The Nature of Valtarra Training Fireless Forge Blue Stone that Revived the Forest Root of Darkness #1 Root of Darkness #2 Root of Darkness #3 Dark Knight’s Quality, Dominance Dark Knight’s Quality, Abstinence Dark Knight’s Quality, Faith Letter from the Orient