Sailboat Repair Kit Galley Repair Kit II Sailboat Repair Kit II Kabam Firecracker 01A Kabam Firecracker 01B Kabam Firecracker 01C Kabam Firecracker 02A Kabam Firecracker 02B Kabam Firecracker 02C Kabam Firecracker 03A Kabam Firecracker 03B Kabam Firecracker 03C Kabam Firecracker 04A Kabam Firecracker 04B Kabam Firecracker 04C Kabam Firecracker 05A Kabam Firecracker 05B Kabam Firecracker 05C [Savage] Flashbang Stun Effect [Savage] Fire Shot Damage Effect [Savage] Poison Shot DOT Damage Effect [Savage] Stun Trap Activation [Savage] Poison Damage Trap Activation [Savage] Poison Damage Trap Activation [Savage] Slow Trap Activation Stun Trap Activation test Damage Trap Activation test Poison Damage Trap Activation test Slow Trap Activation test Summon Siege Defense Tower Disconnected Bonus Buff Item Drop 50% Disconnected Bonus Buff Item Drop 60% Disconnected Bonus Buff Item Drop 70% Disconnected Bonus Buff Item Drop 80% Disconnected Bonus Buff Item Drop 85% Disconnected Bonus Buff Item Drop 90% Disconnected Bonus Buff Item Drop 100% Elephant Trap Activate Test Summon Bomb One-way(town) Returning Stone Summon Hwacha Summon Flame Weapon [Practice] Summon Lynch Cannon Indomitable Flag Old Moon Distress Call_action Old Moon Distress Call Summon Adventurer’s Table Old Moon Distress Call_action Wish Lantern of Happiness Wish Lantern of Achievement Wish Lantern of Health Wish Lantern of Jackpot Wish Lantern of Joy Wish Lantern of Acceptance Wish Lantern of Well-Being Wish Lantern of Bonanza Wish Lantern of Love Wish Lantern of Amour Summon Vype Stoner Cannon [Savage] Summon Lynch Cannon Summon Summer Festival Cannon Summer Festival Diving [Savage] Medical Kit Resurrection 2 set of Oath of Grána Earring. 2 set of Harmony of Grána Ring Sacred Trio Accessories 4-Set Sacred Trio Accessories 6-Set [Set] Sacred Trio Skill Activation Requirements [Set] Sacred Trio Skill Activation [Set] Jarett Skill Activation Requirements [Set] Jarett Skill Activation Seeker’s Hawk [Set] Black Eye Skill Activation Requirements [Set] Black Eye Skill Activation Skill EXP Skill EXP Skill EXP Skill EXP [Set Item] Sahazad Ring Set Trigger [Set Item] Sahazad Ring Trigger [Set Item] Saya Ring Set Trigger [Set Item] Saya Ring Trigger [Set] Blue Eye Skill Activation Requirements [Set] Blue Eye Skill Activation Combat/Skill EXP +3% Movement Speed +10% Attack Speed/Casting Speed +5% Damage from Monsters -8% Extra Damage against Monsters +12 Accuracy +10 [Event] Extra Damage against Monsters +5 [Quest Book] Combat EXP +100% [Quest Book] Skill EXP +100% [Quest Book] Life EXP +100% [Quest Book] Amity +100% [Tome] Silver Bar Gain +20% [Quest Book] A Type Combat EXP 100% [Quest Book] B Type Combat EXP 100% Storage Expansion Bundle: Duvencrune +1 Storage Expansion Bundle: Duvencrune +4 Storage Expansion Bundle: Duvencrune +8 Stable Expansion Bundle: Duvencrune +1 Worker Lodging Expansion Bundle: Duvencrune +1 Pepper-MeleeAPDecreaseCancel Garlic-RangedAPDecreaseCancel Onion-MagicAPDecreaseCancel Strawberry-MeleeDPDecreaseCancel Hot Pepper-RangedDPDecreaseCancel Pumpkin-MagicDPDecreaseCancel Grape-MeleeAccuracyDecreaseCancel Sunflower-RangedAccuracyDecreaseCancel Olive-MagicAccuracyDecreaseCancel Carrot-MeleeEvasionDecreaseCancel Tomato-RangedEvasionDecreaseCancel Paprika-MagicEvasionDecreaseCancel Sunrise Herb-MovementSpeedDecreaseCancel Silver Azalea-AttackSpeedDecreaseCancel Fire Flake Flower-CastingSpeedDecreaseCancel Dry Mane Grass-CriticalHitDecreaseCancel Silk Honey Grass-HumanAPDecreaseCancel Fortune Teller Mushroom-PoisonDamage Cancel Arrow Mushroom- BurnDamage Cancel Dwarf Mushroom -BleedingDamage Cancel Cloud Mushroom - PainDamage Cancel Sky Mushroom-MovementSpeedDecreaseCancel Tiger Mushroom-AttackSpeedDecreaseCancel Emperor Mushroom-CastingSpeedDecreaseCancel Ghost Mushroom-CriticalHitDecreaseCancel Fog Mushroom-Human AP DecreaseCancel Hump Mushroom-PoisonDamage Cancel Bluffer Mushroom-BurnDamage Cancel Ancient Mushroom-BleedingDamage Cancel Amanita Mushroom-PainDamage Cancel Wild Ginseng-StatStatusEffectCancel Truffle Mushroom-StatusEffectCancel Honey High-Quality Cooking Honey Top-Quality Cooking Honey Health EXP +100 (Quest) Strength EXP +50 (Quest) Stamina EXP +50 (Quest) Three Leaf Clover: Luck +1 Room Service: Mushroom Soup Room Service: Pasta Room Service: Steak Room Service: Curry Room Service: Grape Salad