Fishing Rod_2 Fishing Rod_3 Crop Growth Buff: Fertilizer 5 Crop Growth Buff: Fertilizer 10 Crop Growth Buff: Fertilizer 15 Crop Growth Buff: Precipitation 5 Crop Growth Buff: Precipitation 10 Crop Growth Buff: Precipitation 15 Crop Growth Buff: Temperature 5 Crop Growth Buff: Temperature 10 Crop Growth Buff: Temperature 15 Fishing Level +1 Buff Fishing Level +2 Buff Fishing Level +3 Buff Fishing Level +4 Buff Fishing Level +5 Buff Worker Stamina Recovery Buff 1 Worker Stamina Recovery Buff 2 Worker Stamina Recovery Buff 3 Worker Stamina Recovery Buff 4 Worker Stamina Recovery Buff 5 Worker Stamina Recovery Buff 6 Worker Stamina Recovery Buff 7 Worker Stamina Recovery Buff 8 Worker Stamina Recovery Buff 9 Worker Stamina Recovery Buff 10 Paste Bait (Party) High-Quality Paste Bait (Party) Crop Growth Rate Buff: Rain 15, Cures Heatstroke Cures Cold Immune to Heatstroke Immune to Cold Low-cost Pearl Item (Max Weight +200) Cure Scurvy [Event] Food Effect (Health EXP + 400) Poison Cure For Premium Characters Only (Stamina Lv.30) For Premium Characters Only (Strength Lv.30) For Premium Characters Only (Health Lv.30) Food Effect(Max HP +250) Epheria Worker Lodging +1 Expansion Coupon Arehaza Worker Lodging +1 Expansion Coupon Epheria Stable +1 Expansion Coupon Arehaza Stable +1 Expansion Coupon Arehaza Storage +1 Expansion Coupon Arehaza Storage +4 Expansion Coupon Arehaza Storage +8 Expansion Coupon [Event] New Year Meal (Health EXP +400) Elixir of Amity Improved Elixir of Amity Elixir of Thorn Elixir of Sharp Thorn Resurrection Elixir Strong Resurrection Elixir Elixir of Human Hunt Elixir of Perfect Human Hunt Elixir of Frenzy Elixir of Endless Frenzy Golden Hand Elixir Glorious Golden Hand Elixir Elixir of Draining Elixir of Strong Draining Elixir of Demihuman Hunt Fierce Demihuman Hunting Elixir Elixir of Penetration Elixir of Brutal Penetration Elixir of Energy Surging Energy Elixir Elixir of Wings Soaring Wings Elixir Elixir of Death Brutal Death Elixir Elixir of Wind Elixir of Flowing Wind Elixir of Swiftness Elixir of Intrepid Swiftness Elixir of Spells Elixir of Agile Spells Elixir of Seal Agile Seal Elixir Elixir of Assassination Elixir of Lethal Assassin Elixir of Detection Elixir of Sharp Detection Elixir of Concentration Elixir of Advanced Concentration Elixir of Will Elixir of Remarkable Will Elixir of Fury Elixir of Endless Fury Elixir of Resistance Elixir of Sharp Resistance Elixir of Life Elixir of Strong Life Elixir of Mentality Elixir of Clear Mentality Grim Reaper's Elixir Grim Soul Reaper's Elixir EXP Elixir Splendid EXP Elixir Defense Elixir Elixir of Steel Defense Elixir of Carnage Elixir of Brutal Carnage Elixir of Sky Merciless Sky Elixir Elixir of Stamina Elixir of Overwhelming Stamina Worker's Elixir Skilled Worker's Elixir Fisher's Elixir Skilled Fisher's Elixir Burn Ointment Potion Antidote Potion Potion of Hemostasis Whale Tendon Elixir Tough Whale Tendon Elixir Whale Tendon Potion Superior Whale Tendon Potion Perfume of Courage Perfume of Swiftness Griffon’s Elixir Strong Griffon’s Elixir Elixir of Deer Horn Strong Elixir of Deer Horn Khalk's Elixir Elixir of Time Elixir of Flowing Time Elixir of Training Elixir of Expert Training Elixir of Instruction Elixir of Bright Instruction Marking Reagent Elixir of Shock Elixir of Strong Shock [Mix] EXP-Reaper Elixir [Mix] Time-Training Elixir [Mix] Swiftness-Wind-Spell Elixir [Mix] Manhunt-Rage Elixir [Mix] Thorn-Defense Elixir Elixir of Deep Sea Weenie Elixir Surging Weenie Elixir Looney Elixir Reliable Looney Elixir Spirit Perfume Elixir Helix Elixir Splendid Helix Elixir Savage Elixir