[Hero] +4 [Hero] Instant Recovery Potion + 5000 [Hero] Instant Recovery Potion + 10000 [Hero] Recovery Potion + 500 [Hero] Recovery Potion + 1000 [Dev] Weight Limit 1000LT [Dev] Expand 80 Inventory Slots [Dev] Breath 30Lv [Dev] Strength 30Lv [Dev] Health 30Lv [Dev] Stormtrooper [Dev] Special Force Commander [Dev] Ultimate Weapon Flame of Life Lv.1 Flame of Life Lv.2 Flame of Life Lv.3 Flame of Life Lv.4 Flame of Life Lv.5 Flame of Protection Lv.1 Flame of Protection Lv.2 Flame of Protection Lv.3 Flame of Protection Lv.4 Flame of Protection Lv.5 Battle Roar Lv.1 Battle Roar Lv.2 Battle Roar Lv.3 Battle Roar Lv.4 Battle Roar Lv.5 Furious Roar Lv.1 Furious Roar Lv.2 Furious Roar Lv.3 Furious Roar Lv.4 Furious Roar Lv.5 Nimble Fingers Lv.1 Nimble Fingers Lv.2 Nimble Fingers Lv.3 Art of Fishing Lv.1 Art of Fishing Lv.2 Art of Fishing Lv.3 Skilled Rider Lv.1 Skilled Rider Lv.2 Skilled Rider Lv.3 Blessing Lv.1 Blessing Lv.2 Blessing Lv.3 Call of the Lord Experienced Cry Money Maker Call to Battle Morale Increase Lv.1 Morale Increase Lv.2 Morale Increase Lv.3 Morale Increase Lv.4 Morale Increase Lv.5 Building Boat Lv. 1 Building Boat Lv. 2 Building Boat Lv. 3 (For Test) Building Boat Lv. 4 (For Test) Building Boat Lv. 5 (For Test) Building Chariot Lv. 1 Building Chariot Lv. 2 Building Chariot Lv. 3 (For Test) Building Chariot Lv. 4 (For Test) Building Chariot Lv. 5 (For Test) Monstrous Force Lv.1 Monstrous Force Lv. 2 Monstrous Force Lv. 3 Monstrous Force Lv. 4 Monstrous Force Lv. 5 Imperial Calling Local Economy Revitalization Fully Prepared Supplies Production Lv. 4 (For Test) Supplies Production Lv. 5 (For Test) Ample Storage Lv.1 Ample Storage Lv. 2 Ample Storage Lv. 3 Ample Storage Lv. 4 Ample Storage Lv. 5 Ample Storage Lv. 6 Ample Storage Lv. 7 Ample Storage Lv. 8 Command to Gather Indomitable Flag Horse Roar Cannon Attack Horse Communion 1 Horse Communion 2 Horse Communion 3 Fire Cannon (Fire Shot) Fire Cannon (Practice Shell) Fire Cannon (Normal Shell) Fire Shot Extra Burn Damage Time Bomb Summon Skill (Earth) Riding Attack Riding Attack Summon Time Bomb Skill Riding Attack Riding Attack Riding Attack Cannon Fire(Normal Shell) Summon Bomb Skill (Inst. Dungeon #134) Elephant Elephant Elephant Elephant Summon Cannon Siege Hwacha Attack Siege Flame Weapon Attack Launch Hwacha (Normal Arrow) Launch Flame Tower (Normal Oil) Launch Hwacha (Old Arrow) Launch Flame Tower (Old Oil) Launch Big Hwacha (Enhanced Arrow) Launch Enhanced Flame Tower (Enhanced Oil) Galley Skill Tier 9 Horse Auto-Recovery Skill Fiery Pit horse exclusive skill hit damage Unicorn HP, MP Recovery Buff Unicorn Exclusive Skill Cooldown 9-Tier Horse streak charge skill hit damage Pegasus fall damage reduction Fire Cannon (Normal Shell) Fire Cannon (Fire Shell) Fire Cannon (Practice Shell) Fire Cannon (Against Monsters) [Savage] Launch Flame Tower (Normal Oil) [Savage] Launch Hwacha (Normal Arrow) [Conquest] Exclusive Matchlock [Conquest] Exclusive Matchlock 2 [Conquest] Exclusive Ammo Effect Exclusive Cannonball for Savage Rift [Savage] Exclusive Musket [Savage] Exclusive Ammo Effect Fire Cannon (Coconut Cannonball) Axe Hit Damage Prisoner I Prisoner II Prisoner III