Quest - Anomie Quest - After They Left Quest - Old Box Quest - Someone Else's Treasure Quest - Box with a Story Quest - Dark-haired, Blue-eyed Adventurer Quest - Father and Daughter Quest - Seemingly Valuable Stolen Item Quest - Works of the Extraction Mill Quest - Meal Delivery Quest - Cold and Clean Drinking Water Quest - Leaky Shoes Quest - How Kind of You Quest - Kesir Baum's Ambitious Plan Quest - Borondo's Mineral Appraisal Quest - To Kesir Baum Quest - It's Not Rock Bottom Yet Quest - News from the Crow Merchants Guild Quest - The Tycoon Visiting Altinova Quest - Shakatu Merchants Quest - Procuring Mediah Rowboat Quest - Special Trade Item from the Island Quest - Shakatu's Trade Pass Quest - Mediah Merchants Union Support Quest - Craft a Rowboat: Get White Cedar Plywood Quest - Craft a Rowboat: Get Brass Ingot Quest - Craft a Rowboat: Lodging and Workers Quest - Black Abyssal Weapon Exchange Quest - [Gathering - Stone] Stone Embedded with Gems Quest - [Gathering - Tree] Intact Insect Amber Quest - [Gathering - Herb] Female Kermes Quest - [Gathering - Animal] Well-polished Sole Quest - [Gathering - Blood] Crystalized Blood Quest - [Event] Sacred Energy of Spirit Quest - [Event] Young Kamasylve Tree Quest - Ancient Goblin Altar Quest - Children Who Want to Float Quest - I Want Some Bear Blood... Quest - A Mysterious Elixir of Love Quest - Elixir of Amity Production Quest - Befriending the Rhutum Alchemist Quest - The Oil that Saved Yisar Pjetyo Quest - Make Elixir of Frenzy Quest - Elixir of Frenzy Ingredient #1 Quest - Elixir of Frenzy Ingredient #2 Quest - Elixir of Frenzy Ingredient #3 Quest - Elixir of Frenzy Ingredient #4 Quest - For the Apprentice Sorcerers Quest - For the Weary Workers Quest - Sudden Spell Quest - Secret of the Naderr Frame Quest - The Daily Life of Apprentice Sorcerers Quest - The Training of Apprentice Sorcerers Quest - Training Against Manes Quest - Just in Case... Quest - A Concerned Mind Quest - Return to Allan Serbin Quest - The Missing Wagon Quest - A Matter of Provocation Quest - Getting Back Munitions Quest - Wandering Rogue Symbols Quest - What Can't Be Ignored Quest - Something for the Report Quest - So Tiresome Quest - Report to Captain Sarma Quest - The Mane Problem Quest - The Manes' Idol Quest - Warriors and Archers Quest - Great Big Giant Manes Quest - Knowing the Manes Quest - Armadillo Shield Quest - Where's the Wagon? Quest - Unbelievable Quest - Experiment Material Quest - The Manes' Symbol Quest - It's About Time... Quest - This is Urgent Quest - Awkward Request Quest - The Worst Manes Quest - For a Friend's Concentration Quest - A Deer in Love Quest - Got an Apple? Quest - W... Wait! Quest - Fool's Request Quest - Fool's Hope Quest - Ornamental Sword Hidden in the Ruins Quest - Still Water on the Mountain Quest - Thank You, Teacher Quest - Soldier's Grave Quest - Traces of Madness Quest - The One Who Controls Death Quest - A Miserable Death Quest - Traces of The Mediah Royal Family Quest - Report to Allan Serbin Quest - [Repeat] Useful Junk Quest - [Repeat] Disgusting Guys Quest - [Repeat] Already Dead Quest - [Processing Advancement Lv. 44] Work for Tarif Quest - [Processing Advancement Lv. 47] Have to Give... Quest - [Processing Advancement Lv50] Altinova's Prestige Quest - [Alchemy Advancement Lv. 44] A Stronger Elixir Quest - [Alchemy Advancement Lv. 47] Glorious Golden Hand Quest - [Alchemy Advancement Lv. 50] Just an Alchemist Quest - [Gathering Advancement Lv. 44] Three Little Otters Quest - [Gathering Advancement Lv. 47] A Pickaxe that Lays Gold Quest - [Gathering Advancement Lv50] From the Hand of a Person Quest - [Cooking Advancement Lv. 44] Mediahn Food Culture Quest - [Cooking Advancement Lv. 47] All About Mediah Cuisine Quest - [Cooking Advancement Lv50] Full of Courage! Quest - Moadi's Request Quest - Bitter Aloe Quest - The Special Taste of Aloe Yogurt Quest - Aloe Cookies Go with Yogurt Quest - A Beauty's Tastes Quest - A Dish with Dried Fish Quest - Fish Fillet Chips Quest - Ignar's Snack Quest - Nens Bailey's Dining Table Quest - [Daily] Preparation for Escape Quest - [Alchemy Lv. 41] Don't Get Hit Quest - [Alchemy Lv. 42] Don't Fall Quest - [Alchemy Lv. 43] For a Single Blow Quest - [Alchemy Lv. 45] Experience is Important Quest - [Alchemy Lv. 46] Offense is the Best Recovery?! Quest - [Alchemy Lv. 48] Can't Lose to a Sorcerer Quest - [Alchemy Lv. 49] An Elixir from Calpheon Quest - [Cooking Lv. 39] For Those Leaving Quest - [Cooking Lv. 41] Food for Strength Quest - [Cooking Lv. 42] Delicious-Looking Food Quest - [Cooking Lv. 43] How to Preserve Fish Quest - [Cooking Lv. 45] Liquor of Altinova I Quest - [Cooking Lv. 46] Liquor of Altinova II Quest - [Cooking Lv. 48] Food for Guests Quest - [Cooking Lv. 49] A Gift for Edman Quest - [Gathering Lv. 41] Altinova Refugee Aid I Quest - [Gathering Lv. 42] Altinova Refugee Aid II Quest - [Gathering Lv. 43] Altinova Refugee Aid III Quest - [Gathering Lv. 45] Altinova Refugee Aid IV Quest - [Gathering Lv. 46] Have You Tried Aloe? Quest - [Gathering Lv. 48] Luck Test I Quest - [Gathering Lv. 49] Luck Test II Quest - [Processing Lv. 41] Need a Hand I Quest - [Processing Lv. 42] Need a Hand II Quest - [Processing Lv. 43] Need a Hand III Quest - [Processing Lv. 45] Need a Hand IV Quest - [Processing Lv. 46] How to Use a Crystal Quest - [Processing Lv. 48] How to Make a Good Jewel Quest - [Processing Lv. 49] Strength to a Cursed Land... Quest - [Daily] Where's Wallio?