Blood Ruby Necklace Dark Blood Ruby Necklace Corrupt Ruby Necklace Sapphire Necklace Resplendent Sapphire Necklace Ocean Sapphire Necklace Translucent Ocean Sapphire Necklace Sapphire Necklace of Storms Topaz Necklace Resplendent Topaz Necklace Gold Topaz Necklace Shining Gold Topaz Necklace Topaz Necklace of Regeneration Emerald Necklace Resplendent Emerald Necklace Forest Emerald Necklace Placid Forest Emerald Necklace Emerald Necklace of Tranquility Diamond Necklace Resplendent Diamond Necklace Star Diamond Necklace Starry Night Diamond Necklace Diamond Necklace of Fortitude Ruby Ring Resplendent Ruby Ring Blood Ruby Ring Dark Blood Ruby Ring Corrupt Ruby Ring Ruby Earrings Resplendent Ruby Earrings Blood Ruby Earrings Dark Blood Ruby Earrings Corrupt Ruby Earrings Sapphire Earring Resplendent Sapphire Earring Ocean Sapphire Earring Translucent Ocean Sapphire Earring Sapphire Earring of Storms Ultimate Azwell Amulet Azwell Amulet of Crimson Flame Azwell Amulet of Destruction Azwell Amulet of Temptation Azwell Amulet Ultimate Ain Amulet Ain Amulet of Crimson Flame Ain Amulet of Destruction Ain Amulet of Temptation Ain Amulet Ultimate Seleth Amulet Seleth Amulet of Crimson Flame Seleth Amulet of Destruction Seleth Amulet of Temptation Seleth Amulet Ultimate Kalis Amulet Kalis Amulet of Crimson Flame Kalis Amulet of Destruction Kalis Amulet of Temptation Kalis Amulet Ultimate Bares Amulet Bares Amulet of Crimson Flame Bares Amulet of Destruction Bares Amulet of Temptation Bares Amulet Ultimate Krea Amulet Krea Amulet of Crimson Flame Krea Amulet of Destruction Krea Amulet of Temptation Krea Amulet Ultimate Helrick Talisman Helrick Talisman of Crimson Flame Helrick Talisman of Destruction Helrick Talisman of Temptation Helrick Talisman Ultimate Krea Talisman Krea Talisman of Crimson Flame Krea Talisman of Destruction Krea Talisman of Temptation Krea Talisman Ultimate Rhik Talisman Rhik Talisman of Crimson Flame Rhik Talisman of Destruction Rhik Talisman of Temptation Rhik Talisman Tin Beeswax Chandelier (Fluorescent) Copper Beeswax Chandelier (Fluorescent) Maple Beeswax Chandelier (Fluorescent) Brass Candelabra with Four Candles Tin Candelabra with Four Candles [Jukebox] Lonely City [Jukebox] Prayer of Time Lantern Search Tool Topaz Earrings Resplendent Topaz Earrings Gold Topaz Earrings Shining Gold Topaz Earrings Topaz Earrings of Regeneration Topaz Ring Resplendent Topaz Ring Gold Topaz Ring Shining Gold Topaz Ring Topaz Ring of Regeneration Blue Whale Molar Earring Ultimate Azwell Staff Azwell Staff of Crimson Flame Azwell Staff of Destruction Azwell Staff of Temptation Azwell Staff Ultimate Ain Staff Ain Staff of Crimson Flame Ain Staff of Destruction Ain Staff of Temptation Ain Staff Ultimate Seleth Staff Seleth Staff of Crimson Flame Seleth Staff of Destruction Seleth Staff of Temptation Seleth Staff Ultimate Kalis Staff Kalis Staff of Crimson Flame Kalis Staff of Destruction Kalis Staff of Temptation Kalis Staff Ultimate Bares Staff Bares Staff of Crimson Flame Bares Staff of Destruction Bares Staff of Temptation Bares Staff Ultimate Yuria Staff Yuria Staff of Crimson Flame Yuria Staff of Destruction Yuria Staff of Temptation Yuria Staff Ultimate Krea Staff Krea Staff of Crimson Flame Krea Staff of Destruction Krea Staff of Temptation Krea Staff Fugitive Khalk's Earring Ultimate Yuria Gauntlet Yuria Gauntlet of Crimson Flame Yuria Gauntlet of Destruction Yuria Gauntlet of Temptation Yuria Gauntlet Ultimate Azwell Gauntlet Azwell Gauntlet of Crimson Flame Azwell Gauntlet of Destruction Azwell Gauntlet of Temptation