Azwell Gauntlet Ultimate Ain Gauntlet Ain Gauntlet of Crimson Flame Ain Gauntlet of Destruction Ain Gauntlet of Temptation Ain Gauntlet Ultimate Seleth Gauntlet Seleth Gauntlet of Crimson Flame Seleth Gauntlet of Destruction Seleth Gauntlet of Temptation Seleth Gauntlet Ultimate Kalis Gauntlet Kalis Gauntlet of Crimson Flame Kalis Gauntlet of Destruction Kalis Gauntlet of Temptation Kalis Gauntlet Ultimate Bares Gauntlet Bares Gauntlet of Crimson Flame Bares Gauntlet of Destruction Bares Gauntlet of Temptation Bares Gauntlet Ultimate Krea Gauntlet Krea Gauntlet of Crimson Flame Krea Gauntlet of Destruction Krea Gauntlet of Temptation Krea Gauntlet Ultimate Leather Vambrace Leather Vambrace of Crimson Flame Leather Vambrace of Destruction Leather Vambrace of Temptation Leather Vambrace Ultimate Scale Vambrace Scale Vambrace of Crimson Flame Scale Vambrace of Destruction Scale Vambrace of Temptation Scale Vambrace Ultimate Iron Vambrace Iron Vambrace of Crimson Flame Iron Vambrace of Destruction Iron Vambrace of Temptation Iron Vambrace Ultimate Krea Vambrace Krea Vambrace of Crimson Flame Krea Vambrace of Destruction Krea Vambrace of Temptation Krea Vambrace Ultimate Yuria Crescent Pendulum Yuria Crescent Pendulum of Crimson Flame Yuria Crescent Pendulum of Destruction Yuria Crescent Pendulum of Temptation Yuria Crescent Pendulum Ultimate Azwell Crescent Pendulum Azwell Crescent Pendulum of Crimson Flame Azwell Crescent Pendulum of Destruction Azwell Crescent Pendulum of Temptation Azwell Crescent Pendulum Ultimate Ain Crescent Pendulum Ain Crescent Pendulum of Crimson Flame Ain Crescent Pendulum of Destruction Ain Crescent Pendulum of Temptation Ain Crescent Pendulum Ultimate Seleth Crescent Pendulum Seleth Crescent Pendulum of Crimson Flame Seleth Crescent Pendulum of Destruction Seleth Crescent Pendulum of Temptation Seleth Crescent Pendulum Ultimate Kalis Crescent Pendulum Kalis Crescent Pendulum of Crimson Flame Kalis Crescent Pendulum of Destruction Kalis Crescent Pendulum of Temptation Kalis Crescent Pendulum Ultimate Bares Crescent Pendulum Bares Crescent Pendulum of Crimson Flame Bares Crescent Pendulum of Destruction Bares Crescent Pendulum of Temptation Bares Crescent Pendulum Ultimate Krea Crescent Pendulum Krea Crescent Pendulum of Crimson Flame Krea Crescent Pendulum of Destruction Krea Crescent Pendulum of Temptation Krea Crescent Pendulum Ultimate Ascending Noble Sword Ascending Noble Sword of Crimson Flame Ascending Noble Sword of Destruction Ascending Noble Sword of Temptation Ascending Noble Sword Ultimate Crow Noble Sword Crow Noble Sword of Crimson Flame Crow Noble Sword of Destruction Crow Noble Sword of Temptation Crow Noble Sword Ultimate Mistress Noble Sword Mistress Noble Sword of Crimson Flame Mistress Noble Sword of Destruction Mistress Noble Sword of Temptation Mistress Noble Sword Ultimate Krea Noble Sword Krea Noble Sword of Crimson Flame Krea Noble Sword of Destruction Krea Noble Sword of Temptation Krea Noble Sword Ring of Crescent Guardian Ring of Cadry Guardian Centaurus Belt Basilisk's Belt Serap's Necklace Sicil's Necklace Refined Black Energy Residue Hesed's Crystal Dragon Slayer Great Sword Dragon Slayer Scythe Dragon Slayer Iron Buster Dragon Slayer Kamasylven Sword Dragon Slayer Celestial Bo Staff Dragon Slayer Lancia Dragon Slayer Crescent Blade Dragon Slayer Kerispear Dragon Slayer Sura Katana Dragon Slayer Sah Chakram Dragon Slayer Aad Sphera Dragon Slayer Godr Sphera Dragon Slayer Vediant Dragon Slayer Gardbrace Dragon Slayer Cestus Dragon Slayer Crimson Glaives Hughol's Great Sword Hughol's Scythe Hughol's Iron Buster Hughol's Kamasylven Sword Hughol's Celestial Bo Staff Hughol's Lancia Hughol's Crescent Blade Hughol's Kerispear Hughol's Sura Katana Hughol's Sah Chakram Hughol's Aad Sphera Hughol's Godr Sphera Hughol's Vediant Hughol's Gardbrace Hughol's Cestus Hughol's Crimson Glaives Eye of the Ruins Ring Orkinrad's Belt Ultimate Azwell Crossbow Azwell Crossbow of Crimson Flame Azwell Crossbow of Destruction Azwell Crossbow of Temptation Azwell Crossbow Ultimate Ain Crossbow