Kaia Gauntlet Ronatz's Carnage Crescent Pendulum Donatt’s Carnage Crescent Pendulum. Gorgath’s Carnage Crescent Pendulum Kaia Crescent Pendulum Xaviero's Helmet Kaia Helmet Margaret's Armor Delphad Castillion's Guardian Armor Kaia Armor Alfredo's Gloves Luke's Gloves Ornella's Glove Alejandro's Gloves Ceasar's Gloves Kaia Gloves Cliff's Shoes Islin's Shoes Lebyos' Shoes Larc's Shoes Romano's Shoes Kaia Shoes Herman Feresio’s Necklace Marco Faust's Necklace Nelydormin's Necklace Crio's Protection Earring Freharau's Protection Earring Giovan Grolin’s Earring Fridri Dofricson's Earring Indri's Earring Marsella's Protection Ring Jordine's Protection Ring Enrique Encarotia's Ring Klam Cessory's Ring Serbianca's Ring Ring of Power Ring of Revolution Calpheon Capital Belt Calpheon Keplan Belt Calpheon Trent Belt Silver Mane Horse Crown Blue Lion Crown Golden Eagle Crown Asula’s Crown Crown of Aal Silver Mane's Armor Blue Lion's Armor Golden Eagle's Armor Asula's Armor Armor of Aal Iron Ore Lead Ore Copper Ore Tin Ore Zinc Ore Rough Stone Coal Vanadium Ore Titanium Ore Sulfur Noc Ore Rough Stone Plus Melted Iron Shard Iron Ingot Pure Iron Crystal Melted Lead Shard Lead Ingot Pure Lead Crystal Melted Copper Shard Copper Ingot Pure Copper Crystal Melted Tin Shard Tin Ingot Pure Tin Crystal Melted Zinc Shard Zinc Ingot Pure Zinc Crystal Brass Ingot Bronze Ingot Polished Stone Crumbled Rock Powder Processed Coal Metal Solvent Steel Melted Vanadium Shard Vanadium Ingot Pure Vanadium Crystal Melted Titanium Shard Titanium Ingot Pure Titanium Crystal Margoria Dark Iron Melted Noc Shard Noc Ingot Pure Noc Crystal Silver Ore Gold Ore Platinum Ore Rough Opal Rough Healing Stone Mythril Melted Silver Shard Silver Ingot Pure Silver Crystal Melted Gold Shard Gold Ingot Pure Gold Crystal Melted Platinum Shard Platinum Ingot Pure Platinum Crystal Polished Opal Healing Stone Melted Mythril Shard Mythril Ingot Pure Mythril Crystal Brilliant Opal Moonlight Opal Black Gold Ingot Vine Noc Ingot Jade Coral Ingot Rough Ruby Rough Sapphire Rough Topaz Rough Emerald Rough Diamond Rough Translucent Crystal Rough Mud Crystal Rough Red Crystal Rough Green Crystal Rough Black Crystal Rough Blue Crystal Rough Violet Crystal Rough Lapis Lazuli Ruby Resplendent Ruby Blood Ruby Sapphire Resplendent Sapphire Ocean Sapphire Topaz Resplendent Topaz Gold Topaz Emerald Resplendent Emerald Forest Emerald Diamond