Trade 101 Heroes in the Valencian Trade History Introduction to the Modern Economy of Valencia Religion and Economy Value of Labor and the Role of a Capitalist God's Hand Ancient Puturum Ancient Kutum Ancient Ator Kibelius, the Ancient Spear Realization of Black Spirit as an Ancient Man Stargazing Report: Hammer Stargazing Report: Sailboat Stargazing Report: Shield Stargazing Report: Giant Stargazing Report: Camel Stargazing Report: Black Dragon Stargazing Report: Owl Stargazing Report: Elephant Stargazing Report: Key Stargazing Report: Wagon Stargazing Report: Sealing Stone Stargazing Report: Goblin Ancient Luminous Stone Red Leaves of a Millennial Palm Tree Bottom Dust of the Marvelous Pot Blue Dead Skin of a Young Elephant Booger of a Clean Chick Eyelash of a Newborn Camel Ultimate Alchemy Unroguish Rogue Boss Troublemaker in the Rogue Gang Arenda's Devotion, the First Element Bazaar Manuhara The First Ati Danas Kanadja Mos The Second Ati Danas Ancient Aal's Altar Memories of Rune Gateway Intersection Why There's an Oasis in Shakatu An Interesting Story about Iris Canyon Traditional Ritual for Abundance and Rain The Royal Palace of Valencia Aakman, the Ancient Guardian Aakman Massacre The Origin of Black Spirit #1 The Origin of Black Spirit #2 The Origin of Black Spirit #3 The Origin of Black Spirit #4 Sealing of the Black Stone from the Beginning of Time Desert Survival: Day Desert Survival: Night A Present from Atui Balacs Young Barhan Nesser and Atui Balacs A Camel for Nerasabi Aalan Etiquette Aal Mythology Black Desert Black Desert (Revised Edition) The Shadow of Nouver Son of Sandstorm A Sip of Oasis Great Figures in Valencia Devotions of Marumin Where the Breath of Aal Has Touched Royal Meal Five Ways to Cross the Desert Kings of Valencia Journey to Kamasylvia Drieghan's Valley Six Hexes in the Snowland Achievements of Queen Marumin Movement of Stars Stars and Personality Human Astrology Valencian Astrology Unworldly Taste Nasrin's Passion World of Knowledge I World of Knowledge II World of Knowledge III World of Knowledge IV World of Knowledge V World of Knowledge VI World of Knowledge VII World of Knowledge VIII World of Knowledge IX World of Knowledge X Goyen Mercenaries #1 Goyen Mercenaries #2 Quality of a Mercenary: Maturity Quality of a Mercenary: Perseverance Quality of a Mercenary: Defense Goyen Mercenaries #3 Ancient Lexicon, Beginners Ancient Lexicon, Intermediate Ancient Lexicon, Advanced Ancient Lexicon, Secrets Ancient Parchment, Scoundrels of Valencia #1 Ancient Parchment, Scoundrels of Valencia #2 Golden Desert Coin Star of Lake Diamond Scarlet Sand Chamber What Valencians Study Grave Robber I Grave Robber II Descendant of Cartian #1 Descendant of Cartian #2 Descendant of Cartian #3 Sorcerer's Quality, Prediction Sorcerer's Quality, Perseverance Sorcerer's Quality, Explosion Panic-striken Orphanage Song of the Valotier Troupe Beautifully Bloomed Grudge Daughters of a Great Alchemist At the End of the Power Records about the Forbidden Alchemy Clorince's Answer Eileen's Answer Grudging Soul of Cron Cave Eliza, a Valencian Lady Zovadi the Con Man The Schism of Gehaku and Tantu #1 The Schism of Gehaku and Tantu #2 The Schism of Gehaku and Tantu #3 Berserker's Quality, Instinct Berserker's Quality, Strength Berserker's Quality, Wit Shroud Detached Force Trouble at the Sulfur Works Atui Balacs's Worries Pila Ku in the Midst of Chaos Mark of a Secret Organization Bluish Sulfur Power Engine of Ancient Weapons Lost Piece of a Forbidden Book Muiquun's Law Cylindrical Stick Forces of Muiquun I Forces of Muiquun II Kayal Nesser I Kayal Nesser II Kayal Nesser III Kayal Nesser IV Kayal Nesser V Token of Lavania League The Last Present from the Goddess #1 The Last Present from the Goddess #2