Eyelash Cup Star Anise Mushroom Desert Herb Nolina for Farming Penestraria for Farming Dalvenia Alrea for Farming Bouquet Mushroom for Farming Leccinum for Farming Purple Mushroom for Farming Pie Mushroom for Farming Nolina Seed Penestraria Seed Dalvenia Alrea Seed Bouquet Mushroom Hypha Leccinum Hypha Purple Mushroom Hypha Pie Mushroom Hypha Palm Tree Pistachio FIg Star Anise Nutmeg Freekeh Teff Fig Seed Star Anise Seed Nutmeg Seed Freekeh Seed Teff Seed Soft Sandstone Hard Sandstone Teff Flour Dough Freekeh Flour Dough Teff Flour Freekeh Flour Cactus Coconut Cocktail Coconut Pasta Coconut Fried Fish Special Arehaza Meal Khalk's Fermented Wine Griffon’s Elixir Khalk's Elixir Brilliant Opal Moonlight Opal Fugitive Khalk's Horn Fugitive Khalk's Skin Fugitive Khalk's Shiny Claw Elixir of Time Elixir of Training Marking Reagent Elixir of Shock Seaweed Brown Seaweed Kelp Tangleweed Agar Water Thyme Coral Piece Turban Shell Sea Anemone Golden Coral Green Coral White Coral Red Shellfish Clam Giant Pearl Oyster Lobster Cone Snail Five-Star Starfish Diamond Starfish Oyster Shrimp Roe Abalone Ocean Hermit Crab Deep Sea Fruit Dried Pearl Oyster Flesh Dried Lobster Dried Diamond Starfish Dried Abalone Red Coral Twilight Red Coral Daybreak Blue Coral Prairie Green Coral Golden Sun Coral Breezy White Coral Prawn Salad Steamed Prawn Pan-Fried Oyster Butter-roasted Lobster Margoria Seafood Meal Golden Pearl Glue Black Gold Ingot Margoria Dark Iron Hard Pillar Tough Flax Fabric Oil of the Abyss Elixir of Deep Sea Hard-Boiled Shellfish Ship Repair Material Spirit Essence of Wind Spirit Essence of Earth Spirit Essence of Water Dried Spotted Barbel Dried Miho Spine Loach Dried Diamond Minnow Dried Amur Minnow Dried Common Minnow Dried Stumpy Bullhead Magical Shard Piece of Shape Jade Coral Ingot Pine Coated Plywood Enhanced Flax Fabric Bud of Time Rainbow Button Mushroom Sandwich Rainbow Button Mushroom Cheese Melt Kamasylvia Meal Weenie Elixir Looney Elixir Spirit Perfume Elixir Mystical Spirit Powder Seafood Cron Meal Simple Cron Meal Exquisite Cron Meal Verdure Draught Beast’s Draught Giant's Draught Mudskipper Tuna Beltfish Flounder