Bottle of River Water Bottle of Turbid Water Bottle of Clean Water Purified Water Bag of Muddy Water Pepper Seed Garlic Seed Onion Seed Strawberry Seed Hot Pepper Seed Pumpkin Seed Carrot Seed High-Quality Strawberry Seed Special Strawberry Seed High-Quality Pepper Seed High-Quality Garlic Seed High-Quality Onion Seed High-Quality Hot Pepper Seed High-Quality Pumpkin Seed High-Quality Carrot Seed Special Pepper Seed Special Garlic Seed Special Onion Seed Special Hot Pepper Seed Special Pumpkin Seed Special Carrot Seed Flax Seed Halloween Pumpkin Seed High-Quality Halloween Pumpkin Seed Special Halloween Pumpkin Seed Magical Pepper Seed Magical Garlic Seed Magical Onion Seed Magical Hot Pepper Seed Magical Pumpkin Seed Magical Carrot Seed Magical Strawberry Seed Magical Grape Seed Magical Sunflower Seed Magical Olive Seed Magical Tomato Seed Magical Paprika Seed Magical Seed Potato Magical Barley Seed Magical Wheat Seed Magical Corn Seed Magical Seed Sweet Potato Magical Fig Seed Magical Star Anise Seed Magical Nutmeg Seed Magical Freekeh Seed Magical Teff Seed Magical Sunrise Herb Seed Magical Silver Azalea Seed Magical Fire Flake Flower Seed Magical Dry Mane Grass Seed Magical Silk Honey Grass Seed Magical Everlasting Herb Seed Magical Fortune Teller Mushroom Hypha Magical Arrow Mushroom Hypha Magical Dwarf Mushroom Hypha Magical Cloud Mushroom Hypha Magical Sky Mushroom Hypha Magical Tiger Mushroom Hypha Magical Emperor Mushroom Hypha Magical Ghost Mushroom Hypha Magical Fog Mushroom Hypha Magical Hump Mushroom Hypha Magical Bluffer Mushroom Hypha Magical Ancient Mushroom Hypha Magical Amanita Mushroom Hypha Magical Truffle Mushroom Hypha Magical Nolina Seed Magical Penestraria Seed Magical Dalvenia Alrea Seed Magical Bouquet Mushroom Hypha Magical Leccinum Hypha Magical Purple Mushroom Hypha Magical Pie Mushroom Hypha Magical Acacia Seed Grape Seed Sunflower Seed Olive Seed Tomato Seed Paprika Seed Seed Potato Barley Seed Wheat Seed Corn Seed Seed Sweet Potato High-Quality Grape Seed High-Quality Sunflower Seed High-Quality Olive Seed High-Quality Tomato Seed High-Quality Paprika Seed High-Quality Seed Potato High-Quality Barley Seed High-Quality Wheat Seed High-Quality Corn Seed High-Quality Seed Sweet Potato Special Grape Seed Special Sunflower Seed Special Olive Seed Special Tomato Seed Special Paprika Seed Special Seed Potato Special Barley Seed Special Wheat Seed Special Corn Seed Special Seed Sweet Potato Fig Seed Star Anise Seed Nutmeg Seed Freekeh Seed Teff Seed High-Quality Fig Seed High-Quality Star Anise Seed High-Quality Nutmeg Seed High-Quality Freekeh Seed High-Quality Teff Seed Special Fig Seed Special Star Anise Seed Special Nutmeg Seed Special Freekeh Seed Special Teff Seed Cherry Blossom Seed Unwithering Cherry Blossom Petal [Event] Cacao Seed Mysterious Pepper Seed Mysterious Garlic Seed Mysterious Onion Seed Mysterious Hot Pepper Seed Mysterious Pumpkin Seed Mysterious Carrot Seed Mysterious Strawberry Seed Mysterious Grape Seed Mysterious Sunflower Seed Mysterious Olive Seed Mysterious Tomato Seed Mysterious Paprika Seed Mysterious Seed Potato Mysterious Barley Seed Mysterious Wheat Seed Mysterious Corn Seed Mysterious Seed Sweet Potato Mysterious Fig Seed Mysterious Star Anise Seed Mysterious Nutmeg Seed Mysterious Freekeh Seed