[Dark Knight] Kyrill Ear Cuff [Dark Knight] Round Earring [Dark Knight] Shold Glasses [Dark Knight] Barrack Eye Patch [Dark Knight] Badane Glasses [Dark Knight] Owl Horn-rimmed Glasses [Dark Knight] Ignis Hairband [Dark Knight] Lahr Arcien Eye Patch [Dark Knight] Ellen Glasses [Dark Knight] Inquirer’s Glasses [Dark Knight] Metal Piercing [Dark Knight] Curitt Piercing [Dark Knight] Tort Piercing [Striker] Raven Ear Cuff [Striker] Teary Ear Cuff [Striker] Khaled Ear Cuff [Striker] Cozy Fleece Hat [Striker] Badane Glasses [Striker] Barrack Eye Patch [Striker] Shold Glasses [Striker] Owl Horn-rimmed Glasses [Striker] Ellen Glasses [Striker] Metal Piercing [Striker] Round Piercing [Striker] Rektar Piercing [Striker] Gentleman Mustache [Striker] Cat Whiskers [Mystic] Ignis Ear Cuff [Mystic] Kyrill Ear Cuff [Mystic] Chain Ear Cuff [Mystic] Round Earring [Mystic] Raven Ear Cuff [Mystic] Owl Horn-rimmed Glasses [Mystic] Shold Glasses [Mystic] Badane Glasses [Mystic] Inquirer's Glasses [Mystic] Ellen Glasses [Mystic] Lahr Arcien Eye Patch [Mystic] Metal Piercing [Mystic] Curitt Piercing [Mystic] Tort Piercing [Mystic] Grolia Hat [Mystic] Trilby Hat [Loyalties] Aqua Dye Box Bundle [Loyalties] EURO 2016 Fan Kit [Loyalties] All Combat Skill Reset [Loyalties] Awakened Skill Reset [Loyalties] Total Appearance Change Coupon (7 Days [Loyalties] Bleach [Loyalties] Awakening Gift Pack Appearance Change Coupon (1 Time) [Loyalties] Cold Draft Beer [Loyalties] Cold Dark Beer [Event] Frosty Snowman Hat [Event] Fence [Event] Cacao Seed Bundle [Event] Cacao Seed Bundle [Event] Cherry Blossom Seed [Event] Appearance Coupon (7 Days) [Event] Snow Flower Hair Ornament [Event] Snowflake Fox Fur Hat [Loyalties] Blackstone (Weapon) [Loyalties] Blackstone (Armor) [Loyalties] Purnado Armor [Loyalties] Purnado Gloves [Loyalties] Purnado Shoes [Loyalties] Santa Hat [Loyalties] Unknown Dye Box [Loyalties] Max HP Increase Scroll [Loyalties] Max MP(EP) Increase Scroll [Loyalties] Extra Combat EXP Scroll [Loyalties] Extra Skill EXP Scroll [Loyalties] Extra Life EXP Scroll [Loyalties] Tear of Repentance [Loyalties] Bundle of 50 HP Potions (M) [Loyalties] Bundle of 50 MP Potions (M) [Loyalties] Energy Tonic (S) [Loyalties] Horse Flute (1 Day) [Loyalties] Elion's Tear [Loyalties] Finto's Cooking Set [Loyalties] Paste Bait [Loyalties] High-quality Carrot [Loyalties] Good Feed [Loyalties] Thick Fishing Rod [Loyalties] Lucky Steel Lumbering Axe [Loyalties] Lucky Hardened Fluid Collector [Loyalties] Lucky Steel Hoe [Loyalties] Lucky Steel Butcher Knife [Loyalties] Lucky Steel Tanning Knife [Loyalties] Lucky Steel Pickaxe [Loyalties] Wagon Repair Kit [Loyalties] Trade Complementary Coupon [Loyalties] Lantern [Loyalties] Imp Captain Summon Scroll [Loyalties] Goblin Chief Summon Scroll [Loyalties] Altar Imp Captain Summon Scroll [Loyalties] Monastery Boss Summon Scroll [Loyalties] Dim Tree Spirit Summon Scroll [Loyalties] Frightening Witch Summon Scroll [Loyalties] Blackstone (Weapon) [Loyalties] Blackstone (Armor) [Loyalties] Mount Skill Deletion Coupon [Loyalties] Megaphone [Loyalties] Flare [Loyalties] Desert Disease Resistance Scroll [Loyalties] Mount Name Change Coupon [2nd Anniversary] Lollipop Accessory Set [Loyalties] Old Moon Distress Call [Loyalties] New Year Wish Lantern Set A [Loyalties] New Year Wish Lantern Set B [Event] Cupid's Balloon [Event] Cupid's Halo [Event] Cupid's Candy [Event] Dark Knight Arrival Celebratory Coupon [Event] Striker Arrival Celebratory Coupon [Loyalties] Special Carrot [Loyalties] Tears of the Wind [Loyalties] Splat Fisher's Clothes Set (7 Days) [Loyalties] Venia Riding Attire Box (7 Days) [Loyalties] Karlstein Weapon & Outfit Box (7 Days) [Loyalties] Lahr Arcien Weapon & Outfit Box (7D) [Loyalties] Golden Bell [Loyalties] Mount Resurrection Reset [Loyalties] Partial Combat Skill Reset [Loyalties] Balenos Storage Slot +1 [Loyalties] Serendia Storage Slot +1 [Loyalties] Calpheon Storage +1 [Loyalties] Mediah Storage Slot +1 [Loyalties] Valencia Storage Slot +1 [Loyalties] Inventory Expansion Coupon +1 [Loyalties] Weight Limit +50LT [Loyalties] Blessing of Kamasylve (1 Day) [Loyalties] Artisan's Memory x1 [Loyalties] Character Slot Expansion Coupon [Loyalties] Elixir of Oblivion x1 [Loyalties] Bundle of 10 Elixirs of Oblivion [Loyalties] Pet Appearance Change Coupon [Loyalties] Value Pack (1 Day) [Loyalties] Armstrong's Skill Guide(1 Day) [Loyalties] Value Pack (7 Days) [Loyalties] Patrigio’s Costume Bag [Loyalties] Kamasylvia Storage +1 Expansion Coupon [Loyalties] Wish Lantern of Happiness [Loyalties] Wish Lantern of Well-Being [Loyalties] Garnier Fireworks [Loyalties] Sealed Book of Combat (1 Day) Battle Ready Parasitic Bee Arson Parasitic Bee Curious