Eyespot Puffer Prince Puff Lucky Spotted Sea Bass Enthusiast Spotted Sea Bass Prince Such a Foodie Giant Octopus Enthusiast Giant Octopus Prince Professional Sucker Blue Grouper Enthusiast Blue Grouper Prince King of the Sea Moray Enthusiast Moray Machine Guardian of the Coastal Cave Striped Jewfish Enthusiast Striped Jewfish Prince Dum Dum Da Dum Greater Amberjack Enthusiast Greater Amberjack Prince PAR Skate Enthusiast Skate Prince Skater Boi Blackfin Sea Perch Enthusiast Blackfin Sea Perch Prince Blackfin Sea Perch Snatcher Goliath Grouper Enthusiast Goliath Grouper Prince David, Please Answer Striped Bonito Enthusiast Striped Bonito Prince Yo Soy Bonita Luvar Enthusiast Luvar Prince My Precious Giant Squid Enthusiast Giant Squid Prince Big-Boned Coelacanth Enthusiast Coelacanth Prince Living Fossil Sperm Whale Enthusiast Sperm Whale Prince Aromatic Spotted Barbel Lover Spotted Barbel Prince Gotcha! Miho Spine Loach Lover Miho Spine Loach Prince Finding Miho! Diamond Minnow Lover Diamond Minnow Prince Expensive Amur Minnow Lover Amur Minnow Prince VwnL Wiuuom Common Minnow Lover Common Minnow Prince Punk Stumpy Bullhead Lover Stumpy Bullhead Prince Stumpyde! Golden Siniperca Lover Golden Siniperca Prince Golden Stone Doctor Overflowing Iron Tinker Silver Miner Silverstar Witness of the Golden Light Hand of Midas Storage Full of Platinum Knocked on the Door of Success Opened the Door of Success Ruby Toucher Ruby Manufacturer Ruby Expert Witness of the Blue Light Sapphire Expert Holder of the Heavens Topaz Acquirer Topaz Appraiser Topaz Expert Emerald Finder Emerald King Emerald Monopolist Diamond Acquirer Lady-Killer Unbreakable Hottest Person Around Passionate Filled With Blue Energy Water Elemental Topaz Demon Bringer of Hope Greenie Guardian of the Forest Immortal Love Starry Night Timber Expert Black Powder Obsessed Sharp! Sharpy Authority on Sharp Black Crystals Prince Sharpston Hard! Hardy Authority on Hard Black Crystals Princess Hardie Confident Elion’s Blessed Depressed Hated by the Black Spirit Rookie Adventurer Skilled Adventurer Adventurer Rookie Explorer Skilled Explorer Explorer Pioneer Desert Guide Black Desert Lighthouse Gathering Rookie Processing Rookie Cooking Rookie Training Rookie Alchemy Rookie Fishing Rookie Hunting Rookie Trade Rookie Gathering Expert Processing Expert Cooking Expert Training Expert Alchemy Expert Fishing Expert Hunting Expert Trade Expert Farming Expert Gathering Enthusiast Processing Enthusiast Cooking Enthusiast Training Enthusiast Alchemy Enthusiast Fishing Enthusiast Hunting Enthusiast Trading Enthusiast Farming Enthusiast