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Fox Exterminator Enhanced Gray Fur Silver Fur Stoneback Crab Artisan Stoneback Crab Philosopher Enlightened by a Goblin Researcher of Goblin Ranks Goblin Culture Seeker Goblin Decimator Goblin Soul Collector Spiritually Enlightened Lumbering with a Weapon Spirits are Spirits Tree Spirit Conqueror Thorn Tentacle Menace Thorn Tentacle Terror Thorn Tentacle Addict Altar Investigator Rebuilder of the Ruins Zara Lynch's Savior Memory of an Imp Scarecrow Destroyer Cultist Doubting Hidden Among the Cultists Destroyer of Blind Faith New Religion Evangelist Fanatic Leading Monastery Conqueror Yes Man Work Harder When Asked Disappointing Hope of the Peasants Rebel Hunter Master of Retaliation Beginner in Fogan Fogan Interpreter #$%%^ #$%^&*%^$ Fogan Philosopher Executioner Tail Chaser Master of Tag Clarkster's Contract Worker Harpy Wing Collector Harpy Hunter Delphe Knights Junk Collector Spider Hater Spider Leg Collector Chief Spider Trainer Stone Rat Tail Collector Good Hearted White Liar Stone Killer Ethics Arguing Chimera Considering Going Crazy Together Nothing Leftover Reptile Researcher Saunil Combat Professional Trina Knight Saunil Siege Dominator Colorful Stoneback Crab Tamer Stoneback Crab Miner Vagabond Helper Giant Dueling Giant Champion Dreaming of Giants' Annihilation Follower of Gehaku's Wish Giant Inferiority Complex Real Fighter Size Doesn't Matter Eye Stabber Bandit's Treasure Thief Holder of a Strong Shell Demibeast Resenting No Blood, No Tears Laziness Hater Mud Covered Naga Provoker Dominator of the Swamp Naga Chief Treant Forest Intruder Relic Neglecting Ancient Ruins Destroyer Neat Freak Disease Cleaner Calpheon Vigilante Safety First Troll Eraser Troll Decimator Deer Chaser Fish Hater Catfishman Naturalizer Catfishman Master Ancient Troll Conqueror Expert Troll Hunter Root Exterminator Unusual Creature Handler Red Bear Hunter Khuruto Hater Ultimate Khuruto Hater Khuruto Combat Machine Top of the Khurutos Tribe Annihilator Cow Assailant Witch Hunter Hater of Slippery Things Skeleton Destroyer Skeleton King Only Young Once Mansha Culture Settler Smasher of Cute Things Wing Hater Hit Everything Green Is Blood Green Too? Rabies Free Black Power Obsessed White-Tail Enchanted Mindless Monster Outlaw of Mediah Iron Lord Hurt by Thorns Mediah Stone Connoisseur Bump Uprooting Dominator of Disorder Abandoned Iron Mine Owner Shell Obsessed Wanderer Crab Eater Rhino Horn Collector Unusual Stone Collector Ethics Teacher Red Nose Champion Holder of Red Nose's Loot Giath Champion Endured the Goblin Destruction Dastard Bheg Champion Condemner of Cowards Titium Champion Fogans, I've Got You Now! Muskan Champion Blood Drinker Kelcas Champion Khuruto Retaliator Black Mane Champion Trolls Are Living Relics Gehaku Champion Pioneer of a New Civilization