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Dim Tree Spirit Champion Pierced the Heart of Tree Spirit Hexe Marie Champion Bewitched Al Rhundi Champion Rubbing Salt in the Wound Org Champion Red Orc Legend Biraghi Champion Crime Buster Ruins Guard Tower Destroyer Ruins Should Be Ruins Saunil Siege Captain Champion Saunil Destroyer Beat Mad Scientist's Assistant Sandbag Root Nymph King Champion Root Cutter Queen Stoneback Crab Champion Epitome of Hardness Conqueror of Black Power Dominator of the World Good Communicator Levelheaded Human Encyclopedia Ask Me Anything Saint Sage Mudskipper Enthusiast Mudskipper Prince Mudskipper Guru Tuna Enthusiast Tuna Prince Tuna Guru Beltfish Enthusiast Beltfish Prince Beltfish Guru Flounder Enthusiast Flounder Prince Flounder Guru Salmon Enthusiast Salmon Prince Salmon Guru Amberjack Enthusiast Amberjack Prince Amberjack Guru Porgy Enthusiast Porgy Prince Porgy Guru Swellfish Enthusiast Swellfish Prince Swellfish Guru Saurel Enthusiast Saurel Prince Saurel Guru Rockfish Enthusiast Rockfish Prince Rockfish Guru Squid Enthusiast Squid Prince Squid Guru Octopus Enthusiast Octopus Prince Octopus Guru Crab Enthusiast Crab Prince Crab Guru Jellyfish Enthusiast Jellyfish Prince Jellyfish Guru Shellfish Enthusiast Shellfish Prince Shellfish Guru Carp Enthusiast Carp Prince Carp Guru Crucian Carp Enthusiast Crucian Carp Prince Crucian Carp Guru Trout Enthusiast Trout Prince Trout Guru Catfish Enthusiast Catfish Prince Catfish Guru Freshwater Eel Enthusiast Freshwater Eel Prince Freshwater Eel Guru Snakehead Enthusiast Snakehead Prince Snakehead Guru Cherry Salmon Enthusiast Cherry Salmon Prince Cherry Salmon Guru Cuvier Enthusiast Cuvier Prince Cuvier Guru Sunfish Enthusiast Sunfish Prince Sunfish Guru Sea Bass Enthusiast Sea Bass Prince Sea Bass Guru Angler Enthusiast Angler Prince Angler Guru Swordfish Enthusiast Swordfish Prince Swordfish Guru Mackerel Enthusiast Mackerel Prince Mackerel Guru Flying Fish Enthusiast Flying Fish Prince Flying Fish Guru Skipjack Enthusiast Skipjack Prince Skipjack Guru Ray Enthusiast Ray Prince Ray Guru Seahorse Enthusiast Seahorse Prince Seahorse Guru Starfish Enthusiast Starfish Prince Starfish Guru Filefish Enthusiast Filefish Prince Filefish Guru Scorpion Fish Enthusiast Scorpion Fish Prince Scorpion Fish Guru Mullet Enthusiast Mullet Prince Mullet Guru Swiri Enthusiast Swiri Prince Swiri Guru Sturgeon Enthusiast Sturgeon Prince Sturgeon Guru Piranha Enthusiast Piranha Prince Piranha Guru Mandarin Fish Enthusiast Mandarin Fish Prince Mandarin Fish Guru Lenok Enthusiast