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Longing for Freedom Learning ABCs in Mounted Hunting Hunter of Wind Hunting for a Living Wings Spread Wide Hunter better than Likke Behr Princess of the Fallen Kingdom Conqueror of Balenos Conqueror of Serendia Conqueror of Calpheon Conqueror of Mediah Conqueror of Valencia Breakthrough PEN Node Breakthrough TET Node Breakthrough TRI Node Breakthrough DUO Node Breakthrough PRI Node Stormtrooper Special Force Commander Ultimate Weapon Only at the tip of Lancia Western Frontiers Decurion Centurion Legion Legate Blackstar Hero Flower in Winter Black Desert Fashion Designer Guardian of the Narusawa House Black Porgy Enthusiast Black Porgy Prince From Porgy and Bess... Eyespot Puffer Enthusiast Eyespot Puffer Prince Puff Lucky Spotted Sea Bass Enthusiast Spotted Sea Bass Prince Such a Foodie Giant Octopus Enthusiast Giant Octopus Prince Professional Sucker Blue Grouper Enthusiast Blue Grouper Prince King of the Sea Run, Kuno-Chan, Run! Moray Enthusiast Moray Machine Guardian of the Coastal Cave Striped Jewfish Enthusiast Striped Jewfish Prince Dum Dum Da Dum Greater Amberjack Enthusiast Greater Amberjack Prince PAR Skate Enthusiast Skate Prince Skater Boi Blackfin Sea Perch Enthusiast Blackfin Sea Perch Prince Blackfin Sea Perch Snatcher Goliath Grouper Enthusiast Goliath Grouper Prince David, Please Answer Striped Bonito Enthusiast Striped Bonito Prince Yo Soy Bonita Luvar Enthusiast Luvar Prince My Precious Giant Squid Enthusiast Giant Squid Prince Big-Boned Coelacanth Enthusiast Coelacanth Prince Living Fossil Sperm Whale Enthusiast Sperm Whale Prince Aromatic Staggering Burn it up! Aad's Pharos Godr-Ayed Thea Protector of Endangered Species Catch an Ogre Ring with your nose! Hope to Fly Dominator of the Sky Moguly's Friend King of the Wild Stand Alone Naughty Young Heart YOLO Chief Bugaboo! Mansha! Mansha! Mansha! Almost Heaven, Kamasylvia Out of my way! Run, Forrest, Run! Lemoria Guard Spotted Barbel Lover Spotted Barbel Prince Gotcha! Miho Spine Loach Lover Miho Spine Loach Prince Finding Miho! Diamond Minnow Lover Diamond Minnow Prince Expensive Amur Minnow Lover Amur Minnow Prince VwnL Wiuuom Common Minnow Lover Common Minnow Prince Punk Stumpy Bullhead Lover Stumpy Bullhead Prince Stumpyde! Golden Siniperca Lover Golden Siniperca Prince Golden Guardian of Darkness Man of Warmth Woman of Warmth All of Me KeeezAaannng! NuuuvAaannng! KaaaraAaannng! KuuutuAaannng! Arsha's Proof Arsha's Acknowledgement Arsha's Blessing Arsha's Honor Arsha's Glory Knowledge Whale Know-It-All Black Sage Prophet Knowledge Artisan I think therefore I am Good Stuff Good Stuff Genius Professor Irresistible Brain God of Knowledge Wolf of Lonely Wilderness Figure of Loneliness Hit First, Think Later! Wowww!