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Sly Foe Lonely Wolf Dark Lord Steel Claw Pride of the Outback The Chosen One Venomous What Goes Up Must Come Down Kill First, Ask Questions Later A Cultist Among Us Time Controller Have begun Training Looking down the Valtarra Mountains Valtarra Spirit's Favorite Lovely SHROOMS Blue Beast Pure Warrior Bold not Bald Can You Handle Me? Really? Thug Life Forest Ranger I Never Lose! Last Shot Expert Mansha Slayer Rhutum Slayer Treant Slayer Infected with Tetanus Ornithologist Irresistible Eyes Naked Puturum Slayer Glutton Balenos' Best Hunter Wings of Destruction Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Unwelcome Guest Guardian of the Environment A Mother's Love Seasoned Veteran Wisdom of the Founders Drieghan Chef Breaker of Legends Dragon Slayer A Deadly Delight Dragon's Choice Jackpot! It's Mine! Scary Come at Me! Usurper Wipe 'em All Out! Bulldozer The Final Resting Place Commissioned Officer The Crimson Reaper Military Legendary Digger Infinite Growth A Different Me Researchers The Sage Hater of Khalks Khalk Hunter Shadow of the Ahibs Ganelle's Friend The Resolver The One with a Tale Crio's Lover Eileen's Lover Valks' Lover Bahar's Lover Brego Williar's Lover Leona's Lover Rikta's Lover Grace Lauren's Lover Elina Leight's Lover Isobelle Encarotia's Lover Dominic Erne's Lover Santo Manzi's Lover Annolisa Rosie's Lover Luwensley's Lover Ornella's Lover Heartbreaker Flirt Eternal I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X Gaaang Darkness Light Light-Footed Hunter Stopped a Charging Boar High-Fived a Giant Bear Won a 1-on-17 Fight My Trick is Better than Yours Does Not Fear The Eye of The Beast The Eye of The Beast Can't Forget The Shape of Its Behind The One Who Saw the Future The One to Leave Their Footprint in History Selling Textbooks Dark Knight Costume Crafter Dark Knight Costume Expert Striker Costume Crafter Striker Costume Expert Mystic Costume Crafter Mystic Costume Expert The One to Bind Ties with Falasi #BDORemastered Dead Shot Ghost Chaser Groupie Gold Catcher Outlaw of the Sea Golden Fisher Croak Croak Freshwater Predator Unusual Starchaser Slick Tired Ugly Arsha Prisoner Lahn Costume Maker Lahn Costume Expert Bashim Soul Harvester Cadry Soul Harvester Desert Naga Soul Harvester Desert Fogan Soul Harvester Gahaz Bandits Soul Harvester Crescent Shrine Soul Harvester