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Basilisk Soul Harvester Centaurus Soul Harvester Roud Sulfur Mine Soul Harvester Pila Ku Soul Harvester Manshaum Soul Harvester Fadus Soul Harvester Polly's Forest Soul Harvester Forest Ronaros Soul Harvester Tshira Ruins Soul Harvester Kagtum Soul Harvester Sherekhan Soul Harvester Protty Soul Harvester Sycraia Soul Harvester Roar of the Millions God of Fishing Vanquisher of Darkness Archer Costume Maker Archer Costume Expert Darkness Shatterer Wings of Vetor Shadowed Hero New Challenger The Last Shroud Knight Afuaru's Lover Ahon Kirus's Lover Captain Moguly's Lover Manmehan Nesser's Lover Saya Nesser's Lover Sanmyoung's Lover Soryu's Lover Amerigo's Lover Deve's Lover Taste of Victory Bearer of Victory Radiantly Shining Final Victor Leave it to Me! Turner of the Tides Mercenary Fighter Vanquisher Job Well Done The Greatest War Hero Ally of the Kalshurnise I Cried Wolf Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire Event Enthusiast Event Lover Event Maniac Met a GM A GM's Acquaintance A GM's Friend 30K Lil' Trickster Challenger of the Altar Slaughterer of the Altar Don Keyxote Herb Hunter Soul Man-goblin Goblin-man The Musician of Light SHAIAYA Jordine's Inspectorate Rookie Barterer Friends with a Vell Pirate Link between Vell and Khan Oldies for Goodies Barter Everything Ocean Treasures Faster than Anyone Don't Sell, Barter! Honorary Barterer Can't Stop Now King of the Sea Born of the Sea Legend of the Sea Chosen by Khan A Single Coin One Coin, Two Coins, One Hundred Coins Feeling Coin-y You Gave Me Coin Full of Coins The Ocean Market is Your Oyster Something Fishy Sink First, Ask Later Illegal Fishing Patrol Another Washed Up Lopters Finding the Hive Head of the Lopters Hunting League Between the Otters and Papus One Small Step on Oquilla Naga Enthusiasts Club I'm a Naga We're all Nagas Now Wings of Kamasylvia Velia Western Guard Camp Cron Castle Western Gateway Bandit's Den Byway Heidel Pass Bartali Farm Finto Farm Goblin Cave Ancient Stone Chamber Imp Cave Loggia Farm Marino Farm Cron Castle Site Ehwaz Hill Forest of Plunder Balenos Forest Toscani Farm Coastal Cave Altar of Agris Forest of Seclusion Coastal Cliff Olvia Florin Gateway Elder's Bridge Casta Farm Wale Farm Wolf Hills Balenos River Mouth Terrmian Cliff Foot of Terrmian Mountain Olvia Coast Epheria Ridge Mask Owl's Forest Santo Manzi Investment Bank Bahar Investment Bank Specialties Specialties Specialties Specialties Specialties Specialties Specialties Potato Farming Chicken Meat Production Ossuary Ossuary Potato Farming Chicken Meat Production