Valencia Plantation 1-2
icon Lodging
Zone: Valencia Territory
Location: Valencia City

Required Contribution Points: 2
Required to have:
icon - Valencia Plantation 1-1

- Usage List:
Storage icon icon icon
1 Level
- Work Cost: --
- Work Time: 1m
Adds 3 more spaces in the Storage.
2 Level
- Work Cost: 1,000 Silver
- Work Time: 2m
Adds 5 more spaces in the Storage.
3 Level
- Work Cost: 3,000 Silver
- Work Time: 3m
Adds 8 more spaces in the Storage.

Crops Factory icon
1 Level
- Work Cost: 2,000 Silver
- Work Time: 1m

- Pepper Crate
- Garlic Crate
- Onion Crate
- Strawberry Crate
- Hot Pepper Crate
- Pumpkin Crate
- Grape Crate
- Sunflower Crate
- Olive Crate
- Carrot Crate
- Tomato Crate
- Paprika Crate
- High-Quality Strawberry Crate
- Special Strawberry Crate
- Potato Crate
- Barley Crate
- Wheat Crate
- Corn Crate
- Sweet Potato Crate
- High-Quality Pepper Crate
- High-Quality Garlic Crate
- High-Quality Onion Crate
- High-Quality Hot Pepper Crate
- High-Quality Pumpkin Crate
- High-Quality Grape Crate
- High-Quality Sunflower Crate
- High-Quality Olive Crate
- High-Quality Carrot Crate
- High-Quality Tomato Crate
- High-Quality Paprika Crate
- High-Quality Potato Crate
- High-Quality Barley Crate
- High-Quality Wheat Crate
- High-Quality Corn Crate
- High-Quality Sweet Potato Crate
- Special Pepper Crate
- Special Garlic Crate
- Special Onion Crate
- Special Hot Pepper Crate
- Special Pumpkin Crate
- Special Grape Crate
- Special Sunflower Crate
- Special Olive Crate
- Special Carrot Crate
- Special Tomato Crate
- Special Paprika Crate
- Special Potato Crate
- Special Barley Crate
- Special Wheat Crate
- Special Corn Crate
- Special Sweet Potato Crate
- Sunrise Herb Crate
- Silver Azalea Crate
- Fire Flake Flower Crate
- Dry Mane Grass Crate
- Silk Honey Grass Crate
- Everlasting Herb Crate
- High-Quality Sunrise Herb Crate
- High-Quality Silver Azalea Crate
- High-Quality Fire Flake Flower Crate
- High-Quality Dry Mane Grass Crate
- High-Quality Silk Honey Grass Crate
- Special Sunrise Herb Crate
- Special Silver Azalea Crate
- Special Fire Flake Flower Crate
- Special Dry Mane Grass Crate
- Special Silk Honey Grass Crate
- Nolina Crate
- Penestraria Crate
- Dalvenia Alrea Crate
- High-Quality Nolina Crate
- High-Quality Penestraria Crate
- High-Quality Dalvenia Alrea Crate
- Special Nolina Crate
- Special Penestraria Crate
- Special Dalvenia Alrea Crate

Wood Workbench icon
Residence icon
1 Level
- Work Cost: --
- Work Time: --

- Players can freely decorate their own residences. Furniture and processing tools can be arranged uniquely and assist in various processing.
- Players can have up to 5 Residences in the world.
- When a Residence is moved, the previous Residence will become a Storage and all furniture will be returned to storage.

- Interior Layout


In development

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