ID: 44117

Ahon Kirus

icon NPC
Level: 99
<Leader of Tarif>
HP: 10 000
Grade: E
Horoscope: Key
sympathy Interest Level: 32 ~ 34
sympathy Favor: 31 ~ 34

Alchemy II (0/4)
Ancient Ruins Guardians (0/4)
People of Tarif (0/4)
– Description:
The leader of Tarif. She is well respected because she is very considerate of others. Her main concern these days is the recent appearance of magic that everyone thought was sealed away.
Gives knowledge on discovery:
- Ahon Kirus

In development

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iKaneki_Ken 28-07-2016 02:36

Found a combo that seems to work relatively well on her.

Right click these in order:

1.) 125 Witches
2.) Monastery on the Cliff
3.) Witches and Alchemists
4.) Evil God of Mediah I

XIIOIV 5-10-2016 18:57

"Well" must mean different things to us, ended up greeting the bejeesus out of this NPC after about 6 failures.

MomoHime 8-05-2017 17:34

Spam F5 guys -_- her Amity Game is ridiculous

KurizThousandblade 30-03-2017 19:24

Been using couple orders for different scenario

Talk Freely/AF/MF : Aims for high points ,with risk of fails
1)Evil God of Mediah II
2)125 Witches
3)Frenzy of the Skeleton King
4)Evil God of Mediah I

Consecutive 4 or 5 : Just want to get a bit more than wave at this point
1)Forbidden Land
2)125 Witches
3)Witches and Alchemists
4)Evil God of Mediah II

Fails for 2-4 Times : Sandwiching Low rates in the center bascially
1)125 Witches
2)Alchemy - Mediah
3)On Ancient Sorcery
4)Frenzy of the Skeleton King

I'd usually just call it once it goes over 10 points , slightly more than waving
Occasionally near 20 points mark , probably more if you gamble through the 3rd wave;
I am using amity pots and noble clothes to boost a couple more points after

Solianne 3-01-2018 22:31

Dunno if you still use the website but I need to thank you for saving me a migraine and a half ♥

greyness 26-06-2017 01:17

I just spam F5 for "Greet". 3 Energy = 3 Amity

Ashelar 30-07-2018 21:16

what worked well for me on most: Talk Freely - AF - MF - Spark Interest X

1) Evil God of Mediah II
2) Evil God of Mediah I
3) 125 Witches
4) Frenzy of the Skeleton King

I Used around 150 Energy to get above 880 Amity with her, using that combo.

Fail to Spaark Interest i just gave up never went true unless its 1 or 2, higher dont bother.

Christopher 17-08-2018 04:32

I found it faster and more energy efficient to alt swap and wave versus dealing with empty energy loss and frustration of playing her amity game, which I did for the 1st 200.

TREB_MS 13-03-2019 21:12

If you want to skip the amity game and waving, you can just use the gift option. I spent 150 energy to get 1092 amity by gifting rough blue crystals.
The items she accepts are:
Black Magic Crystal - Swiftness (Around 6ish mil)
Tea With Fine Scent (Around 6k)
Moist Milk Bread (Around 16k)
Grade 1 Armor Reform Stone (Around 72k)
Rough Blue Crystal (Around 1.5k)


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