ID: 1068/1

Shoot and Help

icon Quest
Area: Eastern Balenos
Types: Town
Level: 1

Next quest in the chain:
icon - Hunting-Loving Hunter

Start NPC:
icon - Daphne DelLucci
End NPC:
icon - Daphne DelLucci

– Description:
Daphne from Del Lucci Farm asked you to get rid of the beehives on the tree using the practice matchlock.

1. Talk to Daphne to rent a practice matchlock (2 Contribution Points required)
2. Equip the practice matchlock
3. Move to the quest destination and look for beehives on the tree
4. Left-click to target
5. Left-click to shoot the beehive

※ Collect the fallen beehive to obtain wild beehive.

※ Return the matchlock to Daphne Del Lucci to get your Contribution Points back.

I'm worried about all the bees around the farm.
All the buzzing makes it hard for me to focus on anything!
How about this? I will lend you my practice matchlock.
Can you perhaps get rid of the beehives on the trees around here?
Huh? You've never shot a gun before? Don't worry.
Lend one from me first. It's easy to handle.

Did you already rent a matchlock from me?
If you did, please go ahead and look for some beehives.

Oh, that sweet sound of popping beehives...!
Thanks! Umm, can I ask you one more favor?

Target: Daphne DelLucci
- Get rid of Beehives using Practice Matchlock;
Kill monsters (5):
icon - Wooden Beehive

- Contribution EXP 60
- [Hunting] Beginner Matchlock
- Hunting Skill Experience

In development

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Quest requirements

Required to open quests
icon - Hunting-Loving Hunter

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Moonraker 7-07-2016 18:11

I had a real hard time getting this quest to show from Daphne DelLucci even though the stated quest conditions appeared to be met i.e. Level: > 29 and Exploration (5) >1.

The Exploration is under Quests at the bottom and from 'find node' type quests which can be a problem to get if you have already discovered a lot but usually you have over the 1%.

In the end I managed to get it to show by talking to her, renting the practice matchlock from her. The quest sill doesn't show. Then return the musket and then open the dialogue again and the new quest appeared. No idea why renting then returning the musket worked but it did. I assume because part of the quest is to rent the practice matchlock.

Hope it works for you.

midorialexandros 29-07-2018 05:45

We had this exact issue today - my husband and I were doing the hunting questline together and I just wanted to say your comment saved a lot of frustration.

He turned the matchlock in, talked to them, got the quest, then rented it again. It worked! Thank you

dokomi 5-06-2017 10:34

I think I've done this quest in the past, but on newer alts, I've been having trouble getting it.

I recently discovered a very similar quest in the Velia inn, with similar requirements and rewards, given by David Finto:

It's possible it was one of those quests that was changed in recent(?) months' patches to help streamline beginner life skill quests. If that's the case, many old hunting guides that point you towards Daphne Delucci to unlock the Laurie line of daily quests may not be applicable anymore. Instead, just hit level 30 and talk to David Finto.


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