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Brothers at Lake Kaia

icon Quest
Area: Eastern Balenos
Types: Town
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - Shoot and Help
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - Hunting-Loving Hunter
Next quest in the chain:
icon - Hunting on a Horse?

Start NPC:
icon - Chuck Laurie
End NPC:
icon - Leo Laurie

– Description:
Chuck Laurie doesn't want you to hide your hunting skills, and wants you to help his brother trying to catch a Bull Gator at Lake Kaia. Move to North Kaia Pier in Calpheon and meet Leo Laurie.

Where on earth have you been, you artful hunter?
I want to ask you one more favor!
If you go to North Kaia Pier in Calpheon region, you'll meet my brother.
He's been chasing one thing for quite a while, just like I have.
Your excellent skills! Don't make it rusty, help out my brother.
You still have the deer meat I gave you? My bro must be in need of that.

This will be a memorable day for us brothers.
To meet a hunter of your magnitude.

Chuck? Chuck sent you to me?
Well, I'll be damned. He never acknowledges anyone.

Target: Leo Laurie
- Talk to Leo Laurie in North Kaia Pier;
Meet NPC: icon - Leo Laurie

- Contribution EXP 60
- Dull Butcher Knife
- Deer Meat

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Quest requirements

Required to open quests
icon - An Epicurean Alligator

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