ID: 1086/1
Famous Hunter Who Vanished
icon Quest
Area: Eastern Balenos
Types: Town
Level: 1

Next quest in the chain:
icon - About Robeau's Whereabouts

Start NPC:
icon - Chuck Laurie
End NPC:
icon - Igor Bartali

- Description:
Chuck Laurie, a hunter of the Balenos Mountains near Olvia mentioned something about Robeau, but doesn't seem to want to talk about him in detail. Go get more information from Velia's Chief Igor Bartali.

You seem to be quite skilled at hunting...
I see the legendary Robeau in you.
He left for the islands to hunt vicious animals...
Where's Robeau? I can't tell you that!
Even if you ask again, I won't tell you! Even if you are a hunter,
I don't want to get you into any danger!

He was a famous hunter from Velia...
But why not stop searching for him and hunt some Mountain Goat instead?

Where did you hear this story
about Robeau?
Yes, Robeau was the most famous hunter
from our town, Velia.
Do you want to know how he made a name for himself?
One day, we unexpectedly visited an island near the village.
Lush grass and trees welcomed us.
We tried to cultivate the island, but the vicious wild animals kept us away.
No one could rid of those vicious animals.
That 's when Robeau acted.
He said he'll take care of the wild animals and left on a shabby rowboat.
Yes, that's the last time, we saw him.
Our pride, the legendary hunter, Robeau.

Meet NPC: icon - Igor Bartali

- Contribution EXP 100

In development

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Quest requirements
Level = 46
Finished quest: icon - [Daily] Hunter's Honor

Required to open quests
icon - About Robeau's Whereabouts

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dokomi 29-05-2018 06:46

Assuming you're at least level 46 to meet the quest requirement, this is a pretty amazing series of hunting quests that starts and ends in Velia and has you sailing around the Balenos Sea area. I started at around Apprentice 1 hunting, and ended as Skilled 3 by the time I was done, and that's without actually butchering the animal corpses. Quest rewards also give 6 million gold and a +3 Skilled Matchlock.

Wear decent armor and bring health potions; with 180 DP I was still taking noticeable damage from some of the wolf packs and bears. A fishing boat or better is recommended but a rowboat could probably work if you're patient/AFK sailing. It seems most of the island node managers will repair for you, so be sure to repair your musket before leaving each island.

Great way to get a new character up to decent hunting standards in just a few hours. After these are done, it also opens daily hunting quests on all the islands, which may possibly give similar levels of experience to help get your hunting up quickly (haven't verified).


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