ID: 11043/1
[Event] Legend of the Nineshark
icon Quest
Area: All
Types: Town
Level: 1

Start NPC:
icon - Kahara
End NPC:
icon - Kahara

- Description:
Scores of people have gathered in Terrmian to attend the festival. Unfortunately, the people are unable to enjoy the festival, because of the Nineshark. Talk to Kahara and the people at the festival to learn more about Ninesharks.

Ninesharks are infamous for their aggressiveness.
As a result, it has earned the nickname “tyrant of the sea.”
Ninesharks looks quite intimidating.
It looks like half a giant manta ray and half a shark with an elongated horn.
And its looks aren't the only thing that's intimidating.
Ninesharks can swim as fast as a Galley.
We've received numerous reports that there is a Nineshark are near Terrmian.
How can you not be afraid with a Nineshark so close by?
And we're not the only ones worried about the Nineshark.
If you talk to the anyone at the festival,
they'll tell you how much they fear Ninesharks.

It's hard to enjoy the festival because of the Nineshark...
I hope the festival can end without anyone getting hurt.

Did you talk to the people at the festival?
Did you notice the fear in their eyes when you mentioned Ninesharks?
What? You're going to try to hunt the Nineshark?
What's your name?
Well {getPlayerName().
You said you wanted to hunt the Nineshark?
If you manage to hunt the Nineshark, I will exalt you and spread the news to everyone!
Although it's not much, take this matchlock with you.
It's better than nothing.
Good luck, you're going to need it {getPlayerName().

Meet NPC: icon - Mataban
Meet NPC: icon - Edica
Meet NPC: icon - Ite

- Contribution EXP 50
- [Hunting] Beginner Matchlock

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