ID: 11046/9

[Event] Approaching Darkness

icon Quest
Area: All
Types: Town
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - [Event] The Endless Curiosity of the Sages
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - [Event] Essence of Darkness

Start NPC:
icon - Alustin
End NPC:
icon - Alustin

- Description:
Alustin said you must burn the Essence of Darkness on the altar to find the answer.

Now it's our turn to find the answer through our research.
I made preparations while you were on your adventure.
Do you see that huge altar on the beach?
All the essences we have gathered are on it.
Once we burn the Essence of Darkness at the center of the altar,
we will finally get the answers we were looking for. Let's go!

No alchemist would dare to approach these secrets.
It is all thanks to you. My daughters should be here to witness this.

What...! The Ancient Guardian said that?
I did speculate this might happen but this is too soon.
But, taking responsibility for the outcome of one's research is a quality an alchemist must possess.

Target: ?????
- Spray the Essence of Darkness on the festival altar;
Give item:
- Essence of Darkness
(1) NPC: icon - Swirling Darkness

- Contribution EXP 50
- [Event] Alchemy Society's Reward Box
- Tungrad Earring

In development

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Quest requirements
Finished quest: icon - [Event] The Endless Curiosity of the Sages

Required to open quests
icon - [Event] The Price of Curiosity

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