ID: 11048/1
[Event] I Want to Catch a Manta Ray
icon Quest
Area: All
Types: Town
Level: 1
Repeat: 1d

Start NPC:
icon - Captain Moguly
End NPC:
icon - Captain Moguly

- Description:
Captain Moguly has come to Terrmian and says he wants to catch a Manta Ray but harpoon fishing is too difficult. Catch a Manta Ray and teach Captain Moguly the trick to doing it.

※ This quest is available again after 00:00 AM (UTC) every day after completion.

Why can't I catch anything? Queek!
Can someone tell me how to catch a Manta Ray? Queek!
Hey you! Have you ever tried harpoon fishing? Queek?
Teach me how to harpoon fish, Queek!
I promised the crew to that I would catch Manta Rays for us to eat but I haven't caught even one yet. Queek!
If you harpoon fish a Manta Ray and tell me how you did it, I will give you a gift. Queek!
There isn't much time, so tell me soon Queek!

How is harpoon fishing supposed to be done, Queek!
Catch one and tell me how. Queek!

Is it important to gather the fish together first before quickly shooting the harpoon? Queek?
I'll try to gather the fish together, Queek!
Thank you. This is a gift from me, Queek!

Obtain item:
- Manta Ray (5)

- [Event] Terrmian Coin
- [Event] Terrmian Seal
- [Event] Terrmian Pearl

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