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[Alchemy] Learning Never Stops #1

icon Quest
Area: All
Types: Repeat
Level: 1
Repeat: 1d

First quest in the chain:
icon - [Gathering I] The Cursed Trees
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - A Poultry Dish
Next quest in the chain:
icon - [Alchemy] Learning Never Stops #2

icon - [Gathering I] The Cursed Trees
icon - [Gathering II] The Cursed Trees
icon - [Gathering III] The Cursed Trees
icon - [Gathering I] Camelia's Desire
icon - [Gathering II] Camelia's Desire
icon - [Gathering III] Camelia's Desire
icon - [Gathering I] A Letter from Uncle Berman
icon - [Gathering II] A Letter from Uncle Berman
icon - [Gathering III] A Letter from Uncle Berman
icon - [Gathering I] Finto Family Chef
icon - [Gathering II] Finto Family Chef
icon - [Gathering III] Finto Family Chef
icon - Avidio's Guard Service
icon - Support the Supporter
icon - Marv Hates Wolves
icon - More than Moderate
icon - Wooter, Wocester's Pupil
icon - Nodmir's Passion
icon - Milkin' the Potion
icon - Withering Trees
icon - Master's Perseverance
icon - Willkevic's Request
icon - Julietta's Hobby
icon - A Herb Crusher
icon - Medical Botany
icon - Gathering is Fun!
icon - Hay for Chiara
icon - Old Tree
icon - Treatment for Bison
icon - Making a Saddle
icon - Daily Training
icon - Meat for a Cat
icon - Sady's Tool Supply
icon - Lacy Hates Hides
icon - Reed of the Spirits
icon - Reviving a Fish
icon - Blood of Beasts
icon - Hop! Step! Jump!
icon - Raymond Loves Grapes
icon - Meat Wars
icon - [Alchemy] Julietta, the Rookie Alchemist
icon - [Alchemy] Wocester, Enhancing Plywood
icon - [Alchemy] Chiara's Hide Treatment
icon - [Alchemy] Bionier's Jewels
icon - [Alchemy] Just Like a Seal
icon - [Alchemy] Curtis' Metal Solvent
icon - [Alchemy] Method of Hemostasis
icon - Everyone Loves Cheese
icon - A Glass of Beer
icon - Good Snack
icon - A Poultry Dish
icon - [Alchemy] Learning Never Stops #1
icon - [Alchemy] Learning Never Stops #2
icon - [Alchemy] Learning Never Stops #3
icon - [Alchemy] Learning Never Stops #4
icon - Fish for Villagers
icon - Sweet Reward!
icon - [Cooking] Memory in Your Hands #1
icon - [Cooking] Memory in Your Hands #2
icon - [Cooking] Memory in Your Hands #3
icon - [Cooking] Memory in Your Hands #4
icon - [Daily] Young Shepherd
icon - Victory at Red Battlefield!
icon - The Strength from Courage

Start NPC:
icon - Bofin
End NPC:
icon - Bofin

– Description:
Bofin highlights the importance of continuous research in alchemy. He suggests synthesizing 2 Clown's Blood.

※ Tyrant's Blood ingredients: 1 Clear Liquid Reagent + 2 Wolf Blood + 1 + Powder of Darkness + 1 Spirit's Leaf
※ This Quest is available again after 00:00 UTC every day unless you have already completed the Quest that day.

Do you want to keep studying alchemy?
The most important thing is daily practice.
You should keep studying and
make sure you don't forget the secrets you learned.
That's why you should never stop learning.
So, show me how you make Clown's Blood.

Reviewing is also an important part of alchemy.
You should develop the habit of repeating the formula.

Your skills are still fine.
Yeah, keep up the good work.

Target: Bofin
- Make Clown's Blood using Alchemy;
Obtain item:
- Clown's Blood (2)

- Contribution EXP 70
- Alchemy Skill Experience
- Prognyl Silver Bar
- Fruit of Crimson Flame
- Fruit of Abundance
- Fruit of Nature
- Fruit of Magic Power

In development

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