ID: 1501/20

The Discovered and Undiscovered

icon Quest
Area: All
Types: Story
Level: 55

First quest in the chain:
icon - I Knew This Day Would Come
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - Completed Map, Toward the Ancient Shrine
Next quest in the chain:
icon - First Time in Margoria

Start NPC:
icon - Katio
End NPC:
icon - Gintabam

– Description:
Katio said that he'll tell you how to reconstruct your treasure from the ancient shrine. In return, Katio asked you to search for more clues about his missing friends.

What makes you think this is treasure, Queek?
You found it at an ancient shrine?
Oh, you naive...
Here, let me spell it out for you:
The shrine is from ancient times. Queek.
It'll be strange if a supposed "treasure from the ancient shrine" turned out to be something this shiny and new. Queek.
...Very well. Queek!
I know someone who might be able help you.
If I tell you about him, please tell me if you hear anything about missing friends. Queek.
If you hear anything, please come tell me.
If you ever run into them, tell them that I am here on Nada Island with the other survivors.
I swear, I will never give up on finding them. Queek!

Go to Port Ratt and find Blacksmith Bindo to request a restoration work.
He's an expert when it comes to that! Queek!

Ah. You must be the one Bindo was referring to.
So, you are planning to head back?
It's a long journey back.
If I were you, I'd look around here and rest for a little while.
Of course, it's up to you whether you choose to stay or head back.
I, as well, want to leave this place one day...
Oh here, maybe you would find these items useful:
a Gold Key and an Ancient Explorer's Compass.
They'll come in handy on your way back across the Margoria.
How will you get back, by the way?
Really, on that boat?
You jest...
How will you survive pirates and sea monsters on that sad excuse for a vessel?
Not to mention the phantom ships and storms...
Are you sure you don't want to take the liner instead?

Target: Gintabam
- Go to blacksmith Bindo in Port Ratt;Ask about the old treasure;
Meet NPC: icon - Transparency Character (Used for manual completion)
Meet NPC: icon - Transparency Character (Used for manual completion)

- Ancient Explorer's Compass
- Gold Key

In development

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Quest requirements
Have item: icon - Old Treasure

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