ID: 21005/1

A Warning from the Xian Merchant Guild

icon Quest
Area: Serendia
Types: Black Spirit
Level: 1

Next quest in the chain:
icon - The Owner of the Valley Lily Inn

Start NPC:
icon - Isobelle Encarotia
End NPC:
icon - Hunt

– Description:
Isobelle Encarotia demanded that she talks to the real representative of the Heidel League of Merchants. Isobelle told you to send a warning to Grace Lauren at Valley Lily Inn.

It is clear to me now that Bobby Lauren and I don't see eye to eye on things.
I should've talked to the former head of the League of Merchants instead of him.
Oh, you didn't you know?
The Head of the Heidel League of Merchants was originally Grace Lauren.
Oh, you're an outsider. Well, that's even better.
I want you to head to Valley Lily Inn.
Grace Lauren is using her brother as a front
while she is comfortably counting money.
Please let Grace Lauren know that any further delays will not be tolerated.
I'll send my men to the inn, too. Can you deliver this message to her?

Hahaha! This inn will soon be a property of the Xian Merchant Guild!

Oh good, you're not from Calpheon.
How long do these Calpheon thugs think they can mess around with us?

Target: Hunt
- Talk to Hunt near the entrance of the Valley Lily Inn;
Meet NPC: icon - Hunt

- Contribution EXP 20
- HP Potion (Small)

In development

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Quest requirements

Required to open quests
icon - The Owner of the Valley Lily Inn

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