ID: 21411/14

Apocalyptic Prophecy

icon Quest
Area: Mediah
Types: Black Spirit
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - Seal of the Black Sun
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - The Kingdom of Mediah

Start NPC:
icon - Bareeds III
End NPC:
icon - Sirare

– Description:
Prince Bareeds thanked you for saving Mediah. It seems that Sirare also has something to say. She is next to the Prince. Go speak to her.

I will never forget your deeds here today.
Right now I lack the power, but once I return to my kingdom
I will see to it that you are properly rewarded.
I will be seeking asylum in Valencia for the time being.
Please know that even when I'm there,
I will not forget what you have done for us.
Once again, on behalf of the Kingdom of Mediah,
thank you so much for saving us.

Sirare wants to tell you something.

...Your story has not come to an end.
One's prophesied fate does not change.
Illezra is still on the move.
The Black Sun will threaten us again.
She has left for Valencia, the prophesied land which lies within the Black Desert.
This is a prophecy of fate.
Be prepared to meet your destiny and become your true self.

Target: Sirare
- Speak with Sirare the prophet;
Meet NPC: icon - Sirare

- Contribution EXP 50
Amity (30): - Bareeds III
Amity (20): - Sirare

In development

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Quest requirements

Required to open quests
icon - Desire for Better Weapons
icon - The Awakened Ancient Ruins, The Expedition Without Any News
icon - A Person Who Always Leaves Food
icon - An Odd Barbarian Painting
icon - The Three Blacksmiths
icon - 검은 장막, 그 너머에
icon - Anomie
icon - [ADV Complete] Journey to Mediah
icon - Secret of the Naderr Frame
icon - Altinova, the City of Chaos
icon - Advice of Valks VI
icon - Works of the Extraction Mill
icon - Bolero's Sense
icon - [Pet] Bareed's Junaid

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