ID: 232/1
World of Enemies #1: Catfishmen
icon Quest
Area: All
Types: Story
Level: 50

Next quest in the chain:
icon - World Full Enemies #2: Manshas

- Description:
You need Black Stones to enhance your equipment. Go to Southwest Calpheon and defeat Catfishmen.

※ This is a Level 50 Monster Zone Guide quest.
※ There are 11 quests in total, and you'll get Black Stone (Armor) for each quest completed.
※ Co-op quests are more difficult than others. Party play is recommended.
※ Use Black Stones to Enhance your weapons and armor.

I... think you're ready now.
You've got lots of experience, and all you have to do now is to get stronger.
I'll let you experience every being on this continent.
You just find the best place and keep working.
And someday... You'll become stronger than anyone.
Just follow me. Okay?

Now it's your job.
You should stop asking me.

There are lots of Catfishmen, but they aren't that strong.
So... Was it doable?

Get 10 quest item(s) from icon - Catfishman Rotten Fish. Drop chance: 50%
Get 10 quest item(s) from icon - Catfishman Elite Fisher. Drop chance: 50%
Get 5 quest item(s) from icon - Fat Catfishman. Drop chance: 50%

- Black Stone (Armor)
- Contribution EXP 80

In development

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Quest requirements
Level = 50
Finished quest: icon - [Boss] Witch-Hunting

Required to open quests
icon - World Full Enemies #2: Manshas

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