ID: 3305/1
Trent Worker Experience?
icon Quest
Area: Southwestern Calpheon
Types: Production
Level: 1

Next quest in the chain:
icon - Better Work

Start NPC:
icon - Spotty Troll
End NPC:
icon - Spotty Troll

- Description:
The Spotty Troll suggests that you make Planks out of Cedar Timber and Birch Timber, after which he will tell you more about Trent. You can get Planks by Chopping each kind of Timber, and 5 trees (Timber) are needed for 1 Plank.

※ Note: Inventory expansion quest rewards cannot be used if your Inventory space is already at the maximum.

Look at me! A smart, powerful Troll standing right in front of you!
You wanna know this town, huh? Asking yourself what on earth am I doing here?
Okay! My friend and I will give you an extraordinary experience.
No need to say no. Just follow my lead.
Go outside! Cut the trees.
Then make Planks by chopping. Chop-chop!

Why should you do this?
If you are in Trent, experience it firsthand!

Good, good. That's beautiful.
So? How do you feel working for a day?
Trent is known for its timber. Timber produced here
is delivered not only to Calpheon, but also to Serendia and Balenos.
If you see any truly excellent timber anywhere,
just so you know, it was made in Trent! Uhaha.

Obtain item:
- Cedar Plank (3)
Obtain item:
- Birch Plank (3)

- Contribution EXP 100
- Inventory +1 Expansion
- Gold Bar 1G
- HP Potion (Medium)
- MP Potion (Medium)

In development

Please note that Availability table only shows if the current object implemented in the game client or not. However, this object could be always disabled server side.
Quest requirements
Gathering: Beginner 2
Level = 40
Have knowledge on Chopping: Beginner

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Moonraker 10-06-2016 04:44

The nearest Birch trees are around the pond to the east of Trent. They are partially in the water and sometimes hard to harvest but the ones on the north side are easier to cut.

Cedar trees are just north of the same pond to the east of Trent, close to the rocky slopes.

Easiest to take your own birch and cedar logs sufficient to make 3 planks (15 maximum each) then use Processing > Chop to make the planks once you have the quest.

Pixcess 11-02-2018 10:50

If the quest isn't available you will need to get the first quest from Serbianca, requiring 100 amity, then do one villager quest to chop three logs just in front of Serbianca. Then I went to the npc right behind the spotty troll, accepted his quest, and it was then i noticed this quest was now active on the spotty troll.

Vaseliska96 8-03-2018 08:37

Чтобы квест стал активным нужно начать цепочку квестов в Велии у продавца инструментов. Затем квесты приведут к Файси и только после выполнения квеста на обработку ясеня можно будет взять квест у НПС троля :banghead:
You should start craft quests at Velia from the Elda to open this quest.

Tigra 30-04-2018 23:05

балабол, чтобы квест стал активным надо получить знание начинающего дровосека, можно конечно страдать как ты, а можно просто сделать 4 квеста в кальфеоне которые начинаются вот с этого квеста


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