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Hmm... Can I help you?\nAs you can see, I'm quite busy at the moment.

icon Quest
Area: Northern Calpheon
Types: Repeat
Level: 1
Repeat: 1d

First quest in the chain:
icon - Thanks to you, I'll be able to make the trade without any problems.\nThe soldiers are so uptight about everything...\nHere's what I promised.\nPlease come by to help out from time to time.
Next quest in the chain:
icon - Everyone, listen up!\nI didn't think you all would have such a hard time keeping up with the training.\nIt is my fault for not being able to train you to your full potentials.\nPlease forgive my lack of ability.\nFrom now on, I will extend the training time by one hour!\nYou can come talk to me anytime you feel tired.\nI will train you to be strong as steel!\nThat way, you'll never feel exhaustion again!

Start NPC:
icon - (Gave Shiny Golden Seal: [Calpheon Traiding].)
End NPC:
icon - (Gave Shiny Golden Seal: [Calpheon Traiding].)

– Description:
The Training Officer's Honest Thoughts

Talk in place of the soldiers;

Hey you. Concentrate!
I can see everything. Keep your focus.
It's hard to keep them all disciplined.
Can I help you with something?

The more you sweat in training,
the less you bleed in combat.

Target: The training officer is coaching the new recruits at the outpost, but they all seem exhausted. Talk to the officer for the soldiers.
- Calpheonian Training Officer
Get 10 quest item(s) from icon - Belloten. Drop chance: 80%

- Contribution EXP 200
- Caphras Stone

In development

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