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Thank you. I can now keep the vow I made before Aal.

icon Quest
Area: Northern Calpheon
Types: Repeat
Level: 1
Repeat: 1d

Next quest in the chain:
icon - Use fat from deer meat to cook the dried fish?\nThe method is simple and easy enough to follow. Fat from deer meat...\nAh! That's why there was no fishy smell\nwhen we cooked the fish together with deer meat!\nWe'll be able to extract quite a lot of fat from one chunk of meat.\nI think this is it! I'll let everyone know of this recipe.\nNow the soldiers can actually look forward to the meals! \nThank you so much!

Start NPC:
icon - (He appears to be concentrating on his training.)
End NPC:
icon - (He appears to be concentrating on his training.)

– Description:
Military Discipline

Listen to Roman Beckus's concerns;Help Roman Beckus solve his problems;

These soldiers are so undisciplined,
and I can't do anything about it on my own. What should I do?

Haha, you can laugh at me all you want.
But those soldiers who lack self-discipline are the ones to be laughed at.

Target: Roman Beckus is worried that the soldiers' discipline seems to have slackened due to the prolonged state of lull.
- Roman Beckus
Kill monsters (20):
icon - Frenzied Skeleton Axeman
icon -
icon - Elric Layperson
icon -
icon - Elric Follower
icon - Laru
icon - Bamole
icon -

- Contribution EXP 200
- Caphras Stone

In development

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