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Gift for Happiness

icon Quest
Area: Calpheon City
Types: Town
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - Lucky Well
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are
Next quest in the chain:
icon - Everyone's Excuse

Start NPC:
icon - Soon-to-be Bride
End NPC:
icon - Soon-to-be Bride

– Description:
A Bride asked you to get her some wedding gifts. Get a Veil from her mother, a bottle of Wine from the Xian Merchant Guild, and a Glass from a friend and make them into a one gift and bring it to the bride.

Arrange her Mother's Veil, Bride's Birth Wine, and Borrowed Glass in a shape of [-] to get Gift for Happiness.

※ Note: A reward for this quest, Inventory Expansion, cannot be used when your Inventory is full.

I need a few things for a happy marriage.
Please collect them from the people around me.
First, ask my mother behind me for something that was used in her wedding.
Then, bring me wine from a Xian Merchant Guild merchant.
My husband told me he ordered a wine that was made in the year I was born.
I also need to borrow a pair of drinking glass from my friend.
My friend will be at the luxury garden with her daughter.
Finally, please pack all these wedding gifts for me nicely.
I don't need something blue though! My wedding ring will serve.

It's good to be married with everyone's blessings.

I'm done with the preparation.
Now I only need to be a happy bride.

Target: Soon-to-be Bride
- Meet Bride's Mother;Meet Bride's Friend;Meet a Xian Merchant;Combine items into a gift;Give a wedding gift from friends;
Meet NPC: icon - Bride's Mother
Meet NPC: icon - Noble
Meet NPC: icon - Xian Merchant Guild
Obtain item:
- Gift for Happiness (1)
Give item:
- Gift for Happiness

- Contribution EXP 80
- Inventory +1 Expansion
- Gold Bar 1G

In development

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Burks 5-03-2016 19:33

Quest NPC is behind the Skill Instructor in the north eastern corner of calpheon city.

To combine them put them next to each other in your inventory (Veil>Wine>Glass) and combine them.

ChikenMC 23-03-2016 22:24

Thank you very much, was looking for a while on how to combine them. Registered just to upvote

BrokenHalo 12-03-2017 21:26

The Noble Lady will NOT give the borrowed glass needed for the quest at night time. Talk to her
during the day time to receive the glass.

TwixieTrap 28-05-2017 14:13

No 2# Meet Bride's Friend"
She'll be on the location at AM 5:00

memolideko 14-07-2018 02:14

Thanks my friend :)

BDO_NA_User 21-11-2018 01:27

No 2# Meet Bride's Friend"
Tried to talk to her at 5:00 am - nothing
Tried again at 6:00 am - nothing
Now waiting until 7:00 am - 7:02 am - nothing!
Going to character select and back in game to try again...
Oh look, more people arrived!
It is the Noble lady in the white and green dress.

pjstaley 21-11-2018 06:01

Game clock says AM 9:55 and I was able to get the glass without having to wait for a particular time. Bride's Friend is in the crowd of NPC's standing in front of the Choir Director and singing kids (those who have done the Peep quest should know where they are)

Vika 9-12-2019 19:11

Amiga de la novia que da la "copa prestada de una amigo", la espere desde 5 AM y no estaba, hasta las 3 PM despues que tuve los otros dos items de la quest. Es la de blanco con verde.

Antoine brault
Antoine brault 6-04-2021 14:25

Just did this again and here is all the info you need.

The second one: "meet bride's friend". You can only do it after 5am and YOU NEED TO RELOAD YOUR CHARACTER.

The order to make the gift: uncheck "auto arrange" and place them --> "Veil->Wine->Glass" then click on the + icon.

Be carefull because once it's crafted, you can receive the gift from the friends again but it's useless. if you get them again, just delete them.

Then go back to the quest lady behind the skill instructor.


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