ID: 3530/229
[Gathering Advancement Lv40] Legally Platinum
icon Quest
Area: Southwestern Calpheon
Types: Production
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - Sunrise Herb for Hangovers
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - [Gathering Advancement Lv37] Old Tree Bed

Start NPC:
icon - Elle
End NPC:
icon - Elle

- Description:
※ If you complete this quest, you will get 60% of the EXP needed to advance to the next Gathering Level, based on a Gathering Level of 40.

Elle of Trent asked you to gather Platinum, which is required to take an exam for Calpheon Workshop Skilled Workers. Gather Platinum and give it to Elle.

1. Collect 5 Platinum Ore by Mining.
2. Give 5 Platinum Ore to Elle of Trent.

※ You cannot complete this quest by Node Production. You must gather the material yourself in order to complete the quest.

I must pass this Calpheon Workshop Skilled Worker Exam
to get revenge on my ex-lover who broke up with me, because he thinks I'm talentless.
I heard handling Platinum Ore is part of this skilled workers exam.
But platinum is really difficult to get in Calpheon.
Come to think of it, you... are...?
a Gathering Expert at almost an Artisan level, {getPlayerName(), right?
I want to get platinum however I can to practice... But I've got no one to ask.
Could you please get me some Platinum Ore? I'll pay you.

Platinum Ore... It's really hard to get in Calpheon.
I heard it's common in Mediah.

I'm going to pass this Calpheon Workshop Skilled Workers Exam!
Oh wait, I'll let you know something useful as a reward.
※When you reach Gathering Level 44 (Artisan 4),
you can receive the next advancement quest from the Black Spirit Guide.

Obtain item:
- Platinum Ore (5)
Give item:
- Platinum Ore (5)

- Recover 5 Energy
- Production EXP (Gathering)
- Hard Black Crystal Shard
- Sharp Black Crystal Shard

In development

Please note that Availability table only shows if the current object implemented in the game client or not. However, this object could be always disabled server side.
Quest requirements
Gathering: Professional 10
Finished quest: icon - [Gathering Advancement Lv37] Old Tree Bed
Level = 40

Required to open quests
icon - [Gathering Advancement Lv. 44] Three Little Otters

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Inexiled 17-07-2016 15:55

your Quest requirements are misleading , this one and others are off by one in the description , its not required to have professional 9 , its required to have professional 10 (40)

Administrator 17-07-2016 16:16

They are not off by one.
For example: Gathering > Professional 9.
Symbol ">" means "greater than". It's not the same as "=".


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