ID: 3707/3

[Daily] For the Young Otter Merchants

icon Quest
Area: All
Types: Repeat
Level: 1
Repeat: 1d

First quest in the chain:
icon - [Daily] We are the Owners of this Island!
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - [Daily] Precious Coral Piece
Next quest in the chain:
icon - [Daily] Ravikel's Test

Start NPC:
icon - Curio
End NPC:
icon - Curio

– Description:
Curio said that he wants to use a special ingredient that can be gathered from newly discovered types of corals to cook a delicious dish for some young Otter merchants. Gather spotted corals and sea fans to obtain an iridescent coral piece and bring it to Curio.

※ You can do this quest once a day, and it resets every 00:00 UTC.
※ Sea fans and spotted corals can be found near Oquilla's Eye.

I am excited about the new types of corals have been discovered in this area, queek!
This is an exciting time to be alive.
Why? Because we can make delicious new dishes with the corals!
The new corals are called spotted coral and sea fan!
You can gather iridescent coral pieces from them.
I heard that eating an iridescent coral piece is like eating a rainbow!
I would like to cook an iridescent coral piece for my young Otter merchant friends
but getting ahold of one is difficult.
Could you bring one for me? Queek?

The new corals are called spotted coral and sea fan!
You can gather iridescent coral piecesfrom them.

This is great! I'll be able to make a delicious dish with this iridescent coral piece.
Will you get another one for me tomorrow as well?

Target: Curio
- Bring Curio an iridescent coral piece;
Give item:
- Iridescent Coral Piece

- Contribution EXP 200
- Gathering Skill Experience
- Ruddy Manganese Nodule
- Oquilla Coin

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