ID: 3708/2

Ravinia's Ship Upgrade Log II

icon Quest
Area: All
Types: Story
Level: 1
Repeat: 1d

First quest in the chain:
icon - Ravinia's Ship Upgrade Log I
Next quest in the chain:
icon - Ravinia's Ship Upgrade Log III

Start NPC:
icon - Ravinia
End NPC:
icon - Ravinia

– Description:
Ravinia of the Crow Merchants Guild wants you to check up someone who helped upgrade her ship, whom she wrote about in her ship upgrade log. Meet Proix, the owner of the Dancing Marlin tavern.

The second person I wrote about is Proix!
He was a first mate in the marine guild I was in when I was building my ship.
I heard that he owns a tavern now in Velia.
Could you go see how he's doing?

Proix retired and is no longer a sailor.
I heard that he opened an interesting tavern in Velia.

I'd love to visit the tavern run by Proix one day.
I'm happy to hear that he's doing great.
Here! Go ahead and open this letter.
If you follow the instructions on the letter and help me,
I'll give you materials to upgrade your ship!

Target: Ravinia
- Meet Proix, the owner of the Dancing Marlin tavern;
Meet NPC: icon - Proix

- Contribution EXP 100
- Ravinia's Cutesy Wootsy Letter

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