ID: 4011/1

Tracking Illezra

icon Quest
Area: Mediah
Types: Story
Level: 1

Next quest in the chain:
icon - Shroud Knights Reconnaissance

Start NPC:
icon - Sarma Anin
End NPC:
icon - Sarma Outpost Scout

– Description:
Sarma Anin, who came to Tarif, said he is chasing a lady called Illezra who killed the Royal Family. The last place traces of Illezra were found was at the Wandering Rogue Den. Before you go there, meet a Shroud Knights Scout who has been there.

I heard that Illezra, who fled from Tarif,
is cut off in the south here.
We're now going to chase Wandering Rogues.
You can meet my subordinate at the Wandering Rogue Den.
Would you mind giving us a hand?

If you want to help us, please go to their lair.
You will be able to rendezvous with my subordinate at the Wandering Rogue Den.

Sarma sent support.
It's a good thing. I could've been isolated here.

Target: Shroud Knights Scout
- Meet Sarma Anin's subordinate, on patrol at the Wandering Rogue Den;
Meet NPC: icon - Sarma Outpost Scout

- Contribution EXP 120

In development

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Quest requirements

Required to open quests
icon - Shroud Knights Reconnaissance
icon - Trophies of the Manes
icon - Suspicious Obsidian Altars

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