ID: 4504/9
Special Trade Item from the Island
icon Quest
Group: Mediah Merchants Union Support
Area: Mediah
Types: Story
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - Kesir Baum's Ambitious Plan
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - Procuring Mediah Rowboat
Next quest in the chain:
icon - Shakatu's Trade Pass

Start NPC:
icon - Nyabee
End NPC:
icon - Nyabee

- Description:
There is another reason why the Shakatu Merchants came to Mediah, and that is because of a trade agreement with Beiruwa Island. Deliver Nyabee Trade Item to Beiruwa Island, and bring back Truffle Mushroom Seedling to Nyabee.

※You can register your boat with the Wharf Manager. NPC Tunger is the Altinova Wharf Manager.
※Before you leave the mainland, make sure you have enough Silver to buy the Trade Item from the Island.

Actually, I did not came here with Shakatu
just for the rowboats.
There is a special product that can be obtained
from an island close to here...
I've sent some people there a while back, but they haven't come back.
They went to trade with Beiruwa Island.
Could you make the journey to Beiruwa Island and back for me?
Thanks for your help.

Will you go to Beiruwa Island and back
with that raft for me?

You've traveled a long way for me. Thank you.

Meet NPC: icon - Tunger
Sell item:
- Truffle Mushroom Seedling (1,560)

- Contribution EXP 150

In development

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Quest requirements
Finished quest: icon - Procuring Mediah Rowboat

Required to open quests
icon - Shakatu's Trade Pass

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Rok 6-10-2018 20:07

Remember to take more than 50,000 silver with you before you go to the Island! Item cost 32k when I bought it but just in case.

Also, remember to send your raft or ship to Velia, go with your horse to Velia, and take your boat from there to the island. You'll save yourself a lot of time.

Moreover, you have to have Beiruwa Island connected via nodes to Velia, for example, which requires 3 Contribution Points. Find a map online, go to Luivana Island from Velia, invest, then Paratama Island, invest CP, then finally Beiruwa Island and invest CP.

Finally, yes, once you make it back to Nyabee, you just gotta sell the Truffle Mushroom Seedling to her like you would sell any trade item. This is how you complete the quest, and there's no option to turn the item in as a quest dialogue option.

Rodrigo Muñoz
Rodrigo Muñoz 22-11-2018 19:53



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