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Past Glory

icon Quest
Area: Mediah
Types: Story
Level: 1

Next quest in the chain:
icon - The Good Old Days

Start NPC:
icon - Konah
End NPC:
icon - Konah

– Description:
Konah is a part of the Shen Merchants Guild. He wants to see the Altinova Arena come alive with ferocious battles again. Talk to Konah to hear about the history of the Arena.

My name is Konah, and I am a member of the Shen Merchants Guild.
So, what do you think of the Arena?
Doesn't it feel too rowdy?
It can't be helped. Once, this Altinova Arena
was a respectable place where the people of Mediah gathered to let loose and have fun.
When things fell into turmoil
we would gather here to share our joy and anger.
I miss those days,
and the feeling of blood rushing through my veins.
If you are interested in fighting in the Arena,
I won't mind sponsoring you.
Of course, I have heard of you. {getPlayerName().
You are quite famous around here for your skills in battle.
I think you have the potential to be come the King of the Arena.
How about it? Do you want to put your name in?

I miss the good old days.

I want to bring together the skilled fighters
who used to fight in this Arena.
Only then will we be able to
draw more people to the Arena again.
I have already enlisted three fighters.
They are all very powerful
and all we need now are some worthy challengers to face them.
Can you help me?

Target: Konah
- Learn about Altinova Arena from Konah;
Get knowledge:
icon - Past Glory

- Contribution EXP 40

In development

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Quest requirements

Required to open quests
icon - The Good Old Days

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Islarose 22-02-2020 07:58

If you're trying to acquire the Black Abyssal Weapon box, Konah's quest chain is only once per family. You'll want to start the main Mediah quest chain for additional boxes. Open the quest log, click on the suggested tab, and select [Lv.51} Dark Energy that Looms Over Mediah 0/27 - it's the seventh quest, [Boss] The Overlord of Omar Lava Cave.

Maytrynn 5-05-2020 21:29

You need to finish the questline Orc Hunter Brodie gives at Orc Camp. At the end of his questline he will send you to Kohan and you can start through this questline

GHOSTIITI GHOSTIITI 30-07-2020 01:22

thank you bro


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