ID: 4523/7

Kunga's Recommendation

icon Quest
Area: Mediah
Types: Story
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - Past Glory
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - Sticky Blood
Next quest in the chain:
icon - God of Fight

Start NPC:
icon - Kunga
End NPC:
icon - Orc Hunter Brodie

– Description:
Kunga promised to join the fight. He also recommends you also recruit a strange fellow (?) from Serendia.

What you made wasn't actually some Special Health Tonic.
I set you on a fool's errand to see how serious you were.
Well, now it is time for me to get serious too.
Let's do this!
You said you are forming a team of three?
Then we will need one more fool to join us.
I know just the person to join us
in this foolishness.
People think of him as a puffed up fool
but he has won some Great Battles, keh-keh-keh.
You will need to go to Serendia.
Go and fetch that fool.

Bring that twat to me.

Oh, it's my newbie friend from before!
So, why are looking for me, Brodie?

Target: Orc Hunter Brodie
- Meet the man Kunga recommended;
Meet NPC: icon - Orc Hunter Brodie

- Contribution EXP 40

In development

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Quest requirements

Required to open quests
icon - God of Fight

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