ID: 5007/4

Edana's Descendant

icon Quest
Group: Secret Revealed
Area: Valencia
Types: Black Spirit
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - Identity of the Artifact
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - Secret Revealed

Start NPC:
icon - Guardian of Edana
End NPC:
icon - Edan

– Description:
Edana's guardian told you to keep exploring the world until you find the new power and find yourself. He also told you to leave the slate with whom you can trust the most.

Go back to Valencia, and give Edana's slate to someone you can trust.

You have a lot of work ahead of you.
Just like the great Edana did, you will have to use and control the dark power
to enlighten the unenlightened.
If you find a way to do that,
you will understand the reason behind your existence.
We shall meet again, when we will open this ancient gate.
Until then, you'd better leave that slate
with someone you can truly trust.

Always have faith in yourself,
the great one.

By the way...
Don't you have to give this to the king?
Hmm... Okay. I'll give you this.
It's a nice counterfeit.
Tell the king that it's the key to the ruins.
Don't forget to tell him that it is sealed. Hahaha.

Target: Edan
- Leave Edana's slate with a trustworthy person;
Give item:
- Edana's Slate

- Contribution EXP 1000
- Fake Key to the Ruins
- Advice of Valks (+50)

In development

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Quest requirements

Required to open quests
icon - Suspicious Aakman
icon - Chaotic Aakman Temple
icon - Manmehan's Passion
icon - Rumors at Ibellab Oasis
icon - Desert Wind Blowing in Kamasylvia
icon - Desert Wind Blowing in Kamasylvia
icon - Saya's Interest
icon - [ADV Complete] Journey to Valencia
icon - Sahazad's Worth
icon - Barhan's Authority

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Pohjantikka 20-11-2017 15:32

YOU MUST TAKE the teleport! If you run to Edan, then you cannot complete the quest!

ilkrk 22-03-2018 21:01

have use teleport?

fender6711 13-06-2018 01:08

The quest to turn in the fake key to ruins is under suggested quests from the black spirit!!

Pham Vo Long
Pham Vo Long 30-06-2018 14:59

Give the key to Edan. He standing near valencia castle node manager. (Use escapte => move to Arehaza Town and then comeback Valencia Castle => Edan.

Ewaldo R Costa
Ewaldo R Costa 19-09-2018 04:04

e so sair de baixo do castelo e ir ate a entrada do castelo de valencia q vc encontrara o Edan!


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