ID: 5614/4

A Real Adventure

icon Quest
Group: Beyond Adventure
Area: Valencia
Types: Town
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - Desert Nagas and Desert Fogans
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - With Adventurousness Only...
Next quest in the chain:
icon - Overcoming Fear

Start NPC:
icon - Buta
End NPC:
icon - Buta

– Description:
Buta thinks a real adventure must be accompanied by history. Visit and investigate Valencia Castle through and through.

What really is an adventure?
Suddenly I wonder why people do it at all.
I don't think an adventure is entirely about
going places to fight things.
A real adventure must...
start with and learn from the history.
And connecting the experience to one's own history
to leave one's own footsteps. Don't you agree?
Where did the history of Valencia start?
Why yes, the Valencia Castle, of course.
The legend, the house of Nesser, the Great Desert... everything started there.
Have you ever been to the castle?

Have you visited Valencia Castle yet?

Yes? Scribbles on the walls of Valencia Castle?
What kind of barbarians did that...
I've never heard of the name Igor Bartali.
It sounds exotic.

Target: Buta
- Visit the Valencia Castle;
Get knowledge:
icon - Scribbles on the Wall of Valencia Castle

- Contribution EXP 200
Amity (20): - Buta
- Star Anise Tea
- Purified Water

In development

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Quest requirements

Required to open quests
icon - Overcoming Fear

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Socka 25-07-2017 23:05

The doors was closed for me, but I channle swapped and doors were opened.

Bring 25 energy atleast for this specific quest.

Location is in the top tower of castle. Look screenshot:

BilgeKral 28-09-2019 11:47

Yav çıldırdım ya ama çözdüm , kalenin kenarındaki girişte kırık bir köprü var.
Zıplama yüksekliği iksiri kullandım ve 10-15 deneme ile ordan giriş yapabildim .


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