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The Adorable and Trusty Porter, Miniature Elephant

icon Quest
Area: Valencia
Types: Town
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - The Unusual Scar
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - Explorer's Compass #4

Start NPC:
icon - Bochlo
End NPC:
icon - Serazad

– Description:
The Sand Grain Bazaar Stable Keeper, Bochlo, recommended you to purchase a miniature elephant in order to start trading in the desert.
A miniature elephant can carry a heavier load than a camel, making it an ideal mount for desert trade. Since it is rare and difficult to acquire, Bochlo suggested you to go to Shakatu's Villa to look for a miniature elephant.
Access to Shakatu's Villa is limited and only those with an invitation can enter the villa. You can purchase the an invitation from Villa Keeper Dumaham for Gold Bar 100G x1. Make sure to have the gold bar prepared because you won't be able to exchange your Silver for Gold Bar there.

After you get in the villa, go talk to Serazad.

A miniature elephant is the best mount when it comes to trading in the desert.
But you won't just find one ambling around by chance.
Miniature elephants are rare and difficult to obtain.
I recommend that you to go to Shakatu's Villa if you're looking for one.
That villa is filled with exquisite and rare things.
Once you get in, the Villa Butler Serazad will help you get a miniature elephant.
However, you're going to need a
Shakatu's Villa Invitation (7 Days) in order to enter the villa.Talk to Villa Keeper Dumaham if you need an invitation.
You will need to pay him a Gold Bar 100G for the invitation pass,
so make sure you have the gold bar on you before you go.

Because they are so rare, miniature elephants are closely regulated.
You need to get a special permit from Shakatu for Gold Bar 100G x3 if you want one.
As a result, I advise you to have the sufficient amount of gold bars ready before you go to him.

Hello, adventurer.
Welcome to the villa.

Target: Serazad
- Talk to Dumaham; Talk to Serazad;
Meet NPC: icon - Dumaham
Meet NPC: icon - Serazad

- Contribution EXP 50

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