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Peaceful Oasis

icon Quest
Group: Oberin's Tragedy
Area: Valencia
Types: Town
Level: 1

Next quest in the chain:
icon - Over the Sand Dunes

Start NPC:
icon - Ashim
End NPC:
icon - Oberin

– Description:
Ashim told you to meet the head of the Oberin Merchant League if you want a job. Talk to Oberin.

You're {getPlayerName() everyone's talking about... aren't you?
Someone as famous as you would have to come here someday, I believed.
Ibellab Oasis is at the heart of the newly-developing trade route.
It's the place of interest for any merchant league, really.
Countless leagues have been fighting for their rights and interests, but few have survived.
The Lavania League led by Marzana the Red Viper, and the Oberin League led by Oberin the Desert Beast are the remaining two.
Oberin is particularly interested in recruiting talents.
He must have been waiting for a competent adventurer like yourself.

The head of the Lavania League is infamous for being picky as hell.
But, I also heard that she put her people first before anything else.

Hmm, Ashim recommended you?
I don't care much for other's evaluations. I trust my eyes and feeling, and nothing more.

Target: Oberin
- Meet Oberin;
Meet NPC: icon - Oberin

- Contribution EXP 50

In development

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Quest requirements

Required to open quests
icon - Over the Sand Dunes

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Vellum Archivemedes
Vellum Archivemedes 30-05-2019 09:04

How to trigger this quest? Im already lvl 58 but this quest not show at ilbeb oasis

Kipi 10-11-2019 17:18

this quest no longer exists, now you start with this quest.


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